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  • United States (also known as USA) Flag of the United States.svg swimmer

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Background[edit | edit source]

Career Highlights:[edit | edit source]

Finished fifth in the 200m fly at the 2006 SC Worlds ... won her first two U.S. National titles in the 100m and 200m fly at the 2005 ConocoPhillips Summer Nationals … took third in the 200m fly at th 2005 World Championship Trials

World University Games:[edit | edit source]

2007: Silver, 400m MR-R; 7, 50m FL; 8, 200m FL; 10, 100m FL

NCAA NCAA logo.png Championships[edit | edit source]

2007 NCAA champion in the 200y fly ... took second in the 100y fly.

NCAA NCAA logo.png Championships[edit | edit source]

2007(Fr): 1, 200y FL; 2, 100y FL; 3, 400y MR; 4, 200y MR; 5, 200y FR-R; 5, 200y IM; 9, 400y FR-R

NCAA NCAA logo.png Championships[edit | edit source]

2008 (So): 2, 200y FL/200y MR; 3, 400y MR; 4, 100y FL; 5, 400y FR-R; 9, 200y IM

2005 World Rankings:[edit | edit source]

15th, 100m fly; 14th, 200m fly; 112th, 200m IM Briefly: Member of the 2002-03 National Junior Team.

Records:[edit | edit source]

Holds NAG (17-18) in 200y FL, set at 2007 CA Women's Pac-10 ... Former NAG (17-18) holder in 200y FL, set at 2007 PC Cal Women vs. Stanford

United States (also known as USA) Flag of the United States.svg Swim Titles[edit | edit source]

100m Fly (1): ’05 SUM 200m Fly (1): ’05 SUM

Details[edit | edit source]

General Accolades: Swam onto the All-time Top 25 Americans list in the 100m fly at the age of 14 while competing in Sydney at the 2003 Youth Olympic Festival National Teams: 2005 National B Team ... 2003 National Junior Team Collegiate: 2008 ESPN the Magazine District VIII Second Team selection .... 2007 NCAA Champion (200y fly) ... 2007 Outstanding Freshman Student-Athlete of the Year ... 11-time All- American ... two-time PAC-10 Champion High School: Three-time Kentucky State Swimmer of the Year (2003, 05, 06)

Personal:[edit | edit source]

High School: Trinity Christian Academy ’07 College: Stanford '10 College Major: Classics Job Outside of Swimming: Gives swimming lessons in the summer

Family, Village, Community[edit | edit source]

Parents: Dan and Lenore … father is a contractor, and mother is a teacher Sibling(s): Sister (Kathleen) attends Harvard and swims on a club team … younger sister (Caroline) also swims for Wildcat Aquatics Notable Relative(s): Cousin is Diane Sawyer ... also related to Johnny Depp. Sports Played Before Swimming: Tennis, volleyball, horseback riding, ice skating, gymnastics Nickname(s): Lainey Pet(s): One cat, Leonidas (Leo) ... one dog Hobbies Outside the Pool: Reading, playing the piano, hiking, playing with her dog Ultimate Way to Relax: Listening to all kinds of music, reading, spending time with friends and family, watching movies Most Influential Person: Parents and Grandparents ... "They are my role models because they are always loving, very hard working, and have accomplished things I hope to do someday. Not to mention they have put up with a lot of trouble from me over the years!" Charities: Volunteer for church and serves as a guest speaker at swim camps

Training Notes[edit | edit source]

2008[edit | edit source]

Swims 11-13,000 yards per day, 4 • hours a day, 6 days a week More: Used to be a professional clown … plays the piano … was home schooled until 2002 … has visited 25 different countries and all 50 states ... speaks French Favorites: Music: Jack Johnson, The Eagles, Lifehouse, movie soundtracks ... movies: Lord of the Rings, Gladiator ... tv: Planet Earth

International Medals[edit | edit source]

2007 World University Games 2007: Silver, 400m MED-R

Top Times[edit | edit source]

Event Best Year 100m FL 58.80 Jun 08 200m FL 2:09.68 Jul 07

2008[edit | edit source]

08 SCSC GP - t3 Final, 100m FL; 4 Final, 200m FL NCAA - 4 Final, 100y FL; 2 Final, 200y FL; 9 Final, 200y IM; 5 Final, 400y FR-R; 2 Final, 200y MED-R; 3 Final, 400y MED-R

2007[edit | edit source]

WUGS - 7 Final, 50m FL; 10 Final, 100m FL; 8 Final, 200m FL; 2 Final, 400m MED-R SCSC GP - 8 Final, 50m FR; 27 Final, 200m FR; t4 Final, 100m FL; 3 Final, 200m FL; 4 Final, 400m FR-R

2006[edit | edit source]

SUM NATS - 7 Final, 100m FL; 7 Final, 200m FL SC WORLD - 5 Final, 200m FL (Short Course Meters)

2005[edit | edit source]

SUM NATS - 1 Final, 100m FL; 1 Final, 200m FL; 12 Final, 200m IM; 8 Final, 400m IM WC TRIALS - 9 Final, 100m FL; 3 Final, 200m FL

2004[edit | edit source]

OLY TRIALS - 9 Final, 200m FL; 15 Final, 200m IM SPG NATS - 2 Final, 200m FL; 16 Final, 400m IM

2003[edit | edit source]

US OPEN - 9 Final, 100m FL; 2 Final, 200m FL; 17 Final, 200m IM SUM NATS - 4 Final, 100m FL; 4 Final, 200m FL SPG NATS - 4 Final, 100m FL; 9 Final, 200m FL; 23 Final, 400m IM

2002[edit | edit source]

SUM NATS - 14 Final, 100m FL

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