A for Athlete
Erik in goal w glasses

Erik Rauterkus in the goal as part of coaching his team at Summer Dreamers in August 2013 with Camp Carmalt and Swim & Water Polo Camp.

Erik pool coaching-spirit

Erik Rauterkus in the pool as a coach at Swim & Water Polo Camp in 2013.


  • We are here working on Olympicpedia. We enjoy sports and we are working on the idea of Cloh.

I am an 8th grader at Frick Middle School. I swim with the JCC Sailfish in Pittsburgh. I like to play all sports. However my favorite sports are probebly swimming, basketball, and hockey. I also play the violen. I play violen with 3 groups. One is my Susuki then my school and lastly XSO. XSO is a group that i play in that fitures music like rock, fiddle, jazz, and much more like that kind of music.





Swim Races[]


Getting third at West Allegheney Invite in 200 free.


Freetyle Finish Up with Erik Rauterkus

Swim technique



Erik is top row, third from left. Photo of 13 year olds in the summer of 2008 at church camp, SUUSI, in Virginia.


Area around the roller rink in sports stadium in China

Fred and Erik at Oval

Team Citius coach, Fred Gohh and Erik Rauterkus talk before a junior race at the oval in April 2011. Erik would win his first race this night.

Sports Activities[]

My activities are:

  • Swimming
  • Cycling

    Start of Individual Time Trial on Cycling Stand

  • Water polo
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
    • I played basketball for a league called Ozanam.
Erik Rauterkus w HKU-cap



Erik hockey-all-star-card

Hockey player in the gym.

  • Violin
  • Ozanam
    Erik Tour of Tucker Co 2011

    Erik Rauterkus, middle of photo in green shorts, in his first road cycling race, Tour of Tucker County, (WV), in May 2011. The race didn't go well in the middle and end, but at the first half, he was right with the leaders.

  • Play with friends
  • Read and Write
  • Politics
  • Im IN Final
Blackman 20100828 4690

Erik reaches for the ball in a game at IUP against The Lawrenceville School in August 2010.


Friends at SUUSI in July 2008.

B and

Warmups at the PIAA meet in 2010. B, L and Erik Rauterkus. All are swimmers for the JCC Sailfish but attend different high schools.