Position Paper for Pittsburgh Public Schools about sports from Mark Rauterkus.[edit | edit source]

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Background[edit | edit source]

Doctor Linda Lane, superintendent of schools at Pittsburgh Public Schools said in her December 2013, State of the District Speech that cuts were needed in the budget and one area was to have "fewer sports."

  • This page is a hub for a position paper to address the bad-idea of fewer sports.

The concept of “fewer sports” for Pittsburgh Public Schools is wrong for many reasons.[edit | edit source]

With fewer sports, more students are going to depart the city and Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS).

Sports help students get “promise ready.” Plus with sports, students gain admission to better colleges with more financial aid. Furthermore, athletes are embraced with support and instant friendships after they get onto their campus settings. Athletes do better in the classroom with higher grades in both high school and in college.

Having sports such as swimming, golf and tennis insures “excellence for all.” Pittsburgh students need schools with programs that teach how to perform in a competitive world where strong team behaviors and pressure situations are the norm.

Sports help youngsters understand what in life matters and where the noise and less important distractions reside. Quality sports experiences do wonders to teach our kids how to better manage time, space, and relationships, especially with themselves and peers.

PPS does not need fewer sports, but rather: better, smarter, more flexible and sustainable sports. We need integrated lessons from sports and wellness, and engaging sports experiences that span years, generations and communities.

With crisis comes opportunity.

My hope is to advance alternatives to “fewer sports.” Better discussions, decisions and solutions can lead the administration and board to improved outcomes and less overall PPS spending. Sports at our schools and parks can be improved greatly and be a deeply positive connection to greater number of students, citizens and taxpayers. Pittsburgh is a sports town. Sports can be a key to helping fix some of the problems in the district, the city and region.

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Background articles in Obama Eagle, school newspaper:

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Insights into that sub-proposal for summers.

All_City_Sports_Camp proposal for Pittsburgh and the summers.

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Pieces of a puzzle for sports with school district, city hall and new entities proposed in the position paper.


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