A for Athlete

Suggestion #11:[]

PPS should work in political ways to establish better rules and opportunities in the classification realm within the PIAA and WPIAL.[]

More scholastic sports opportunities could be forthcoming if the PIAA and perhaps the WPIAL offered an additional classification that could better accommodate the novice / expansion / rookie / recreational / JV division. Options of having a “non-league” team at a school are possible, but scheduling makes seasonal planning extremely unlikely.

Coordinators from the PPS Olympic Sports Department could take a long-term view so as to approach, reason with, and lobby for adjustments to “classification” rules and opportunities with sports administrators within the PIAA and WPIAL.

Example: A Western PA Recreational Tennis Classification that plays four weekend tournaments might be able to get more kids in the region playing tennis and representing their schools. But 2, 3, or 4 kids don't make a full-fledged WPIAL sectional team. These JV leagues might be welcome in specific settings and the city, a hub for Western PA, should champion, instigate and organize these opportunities as many city students might feel more at home in this level of competition.

Example 2: The Ultimate Frisbee league and the Frisbee Golf league exist in Western PA. City kids and some city teams take part in those activities now. But more coordination would draw greater participation. Those efforts are beyond the scope of PPS Athletic Department but could be welcomed in the Olympic Sports Division.