A for Athlete

Suggestion #15:[]

Cut coops students out of teams if they require daily busing to practices.[]

True transportation costs and transportation burdens need to be considered in detail. Return to the policy that provide PPS athletes with PAT bus passes. Perhaps monthly bus passes are going to return and more high school students will get them. That move could help sports participation and other school activities. PAT Bus passes might reduce costs to PPS.

Example 1: Eliminate the need for the Sci-Tech and U-Prep students to go to Obama every day for practice in basketball, swimming, volleyball.

In football the Obama kids need to go to U-Prep. End football at Obama. Those students who want to play football should go to U-Prep, Allderdice or some other school with a local football team.

If the district had enough money, it would be better to have U-Prep have a football team and Obama have its own, different football team. But these efforts are about cuts, sadly, and not expansion of costly sports.

In basketball, it would be better for participation and cheaper for PPS to establish new varsity teams (boys and girls) at U-Prep + Sci-Tech and have Obama play without the coop. The costs of daily coaching has to be less than daily busing. U-Prep kids can walk to Sci-Tech.

U-Prep does not have a decent gym. It was built to be a middle school. However, the Sci-Tech does have a nice gym. And, a gym exists at Ammon Rec Center and at West Penn Recreation Center as well. Games could be played there. But Sci-Tech would be the best location.

The sold Schenley High School facilities are still missed.