A for Athlete

Suggestion #16:[]

Strengthen golf at Allderdice in the short term. Partner with First Tee of Pittsburgh for everyone else.[]

Rather than cutting golf everywhere, make a new golf team coop so that the kids that have been playing golf from Sci-Tech and Obama can be part of the Allderdice golf team that competes in the WPIAL.

A city-wide JV golf team could be managed by the First Tee of Pittsburgh.

Golfers in the Allderdice coop from Sci-Tech and Obama should manage daily transportation without any PPS expenses. Golfers could be given a PAT bus pass or else they would need to find their own transportation.

If every golf team is cut, golf could be moved into the proposed Olympic Sports Division and managed in a partnership with The First Tee of Pittsburgh.

Golf has been a growing activity with PPS Physical Education classes. Furthermore, golf was put into the activity offerings with PPS Summer Dreamers. There are professional golf events coming to Pittsburgh in the seasons to come. Western Pennsylvania has a great golf infrastructure.

In the fall of 2013, three PPS students were able to golf in a PIAA qualification match. Joe from Perry High School was the only boy freshman to qualify in the western part of the state. The golfers from Allderdice have always been competitive and Sasha, a junior, played at the PIAA finals and went to a national golf event with First Tee and played at Pebble Beach.

Obama, Carrick and Brashear play District 8 golf and Allderdice is in the WPIAL. The D8 season was more of a developmental league, but the participants had a nice season. The D8 golfers could have a JV type season as part of First Tee of Pittsburgh.

County-wide “speed golf tournaments” could help to raise money for the First Tee membership for PPS students each year. The membership price is nominal. The value of the golf at Bob O'Connor course and support provided there is un-matched in any sport.