A for Athlete

Suggestion #19:[]

Provide Physical Education credits to athletes.[]

One fewer class-period per day for high school students is a possible cost-saving measure said Superintendent Lane at her State of the District speech on December 4, 2013. With one fewer period per day, every period becomes more valuable for scholars.

High school physical education classes allow 45 students for one teacher. The 45:1 student to teacher ratio can be improved upon by giving Physical Education credit to athletes involved in sports teams. Getting smaller class sizes, saving money and allowing more academic options (i.e. AP courses) are benefits. Better supervision and instruction in PE periods would follow for the non-athlete students once those PE class periods occur without the athletes. Better experiences for those who remain is another benefit. Furthermore, students get additional external motivation for commitment to sports teams.

Log books, reflective journals, letters of recommendations, service hours teaching youth sports and other educational enrichment activities should be part of the duties for those seeking PE credit from outside sports and wellness participation. Mobile apps can be created to log student attendance at practices.

Example: In past years, swimmers on the Obama team arrived to school for 6 am to 7:15 swim practice. Then they get out of the pool, change into school clothes, attend home room for 5 minutes. Then comes first period physical education class, starting at 7:45 am, and the students swim again. Swimming in the PE class is at such an easy level that the period is a waste of time and space. It would be better to have the swimmers take an extra AP course in first period and not be a burden to the PE teachers and other PE students. A study hall would be better use of time in most cases. PE swimming for a swim team member is far from ideal.