A for Athlete

Suggestion #21:[]

Remove Sports Coaches from the scope of the PFT Contract.[]

The collective bargaining agreement between the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers (PFT) and PPS for coaching contracts needs to end.

Example: When John Thompson was Superintendent of PPS, he promised that coaches would not be part of the contract. That key to sport reform efforts in the distant past was a promise not kept.

Many other school districts have coaching guidelines with pay and duties but the full scope of all coaching contracts are not not part of the bargaining unit.

Coaching positions need to be more flexible so kids are better served. Some teams might need assistant coaches while others teams don't. Some schools might want to switch sports. Some teams need to be eliminated. Some positions might need to be split to a couple of days per week among different individuals. Playoff pay, coaching credentials, and other more modern management practices should be part of an overhaul, but the union contract can't tolerate any changes to individual situations.

Example: At Obama, the contract calls for four coaches in swimming: HS Boys, HS Girls, MS Boys and MS Girls. It would be much better to have one person with head coach duties and aquatic director management devotion and three assistant coaches.

Example: The golf coach at Allderdice (in the WPIAL) does far more work than the golf coach at Brashear (not in WPIAL).

All coach contracts within the proposed Olympic Sports Division, PPS H2O and All-City Sports Camp need to be outside of the realm of the teachers contract.

Example: Coaches that do not teach within PPS do not get any help from the PFT.