A for Athlete

Suggestion #26:[]

Remove the enrollment ceiling for Swim & Water Polo Camp as it is a most popular option within Summer Dreamers.[]

In the 2013 sign-up process for Summer Dreamers, Swim & Water Polo Camp was the most popular first-choice activity option selected by the kids and families of pending participants. Swim & Water Polo Camp enrollment was slated to have 130 slots and more than 260 had made it a first choice. The demand was sky-high. The capacity was increased, thankfully. But furthermore, only the kids in grades 3 and grades 8 were even able to select Swim & Water Polo as an option. The kids in grades 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9 did not have a Swim & Water Polo as a choice.

None should be forced to swim. But, all who want to sign up for swimming as a first choice, regardless of grade, should be accommodated as space allows. Swimming can be expanded in many instances.

The PPS board should recognize that swimming is a life-saving activity. Swimming is perfect for summer school. If swimming is getting dropped as a varsity sport, swimming needs to be fully supported in the summer when kids want to swim the most.

Finally, those who had a great experience with Swim & Water Polo in past summers should be able to advance their aquatic experiences in future summers, gaining fitness and skills.