A for Athlete

Suggestion #29:[]

Tennis is a cheap lifetime sport that can expand.[]

In high school tennis, there is not even a need to play officials. Tennis has Venus Williams. Public tennis courts are throughout the city. Some need some care, but it would not be too hard to get the courts at U-Prep and CAPA (North Side's Sue Murray) functional with a push from Citiparks. Citiparks can conduct year-round tennis clinics. Community support can be found for tennis too.

Start tennis at CAPA.

Start tennis at U-Prep with Sci-Tech (walking coop).

Get Obama out of its USO coop and have players walk to Highland Park courts or play at the Seminary courts.

Play boys and girls both in the fall and spring so tennis is more of a year-round opportunity for every athlete. Play and host mixed doubles scholastic tournaments in the city and be unique.

If tennis is cut by the PPS Board, tennis could be a part of the Olympic Sports Division and plenty of opportunities can be crafted for tennis players at our schools.