A for Athlete

Suggestion #32:[]

Let's gladly welcome college and community participants who want to visit, compete and showcase skills at PPS sites.[]

Plenty of opportunities to host college and community teams and individuals are present and are desired. Sadly, too often the PPS policy has been to only allow students from a single school to be a part of the sports happenings so as to exclude others, few exceptions. Sports are social efforts where playing well with others needs to be rewarded, tolerated and promoted.

With PPS H2O and the Olympic Sports Division, plus with the All-City Sports Camps, athletes, coaches, and boosters should come together frequently in meaningful ways.

Example 1: Chatham University's women's water polo team practiced at Westinghouse in the past due to a temporary pool issue on campus.

Example 2: The Ohio State University men's swim team practiced at Plum High School as my team suspended its workout and heard from the Buckeye coach on a Saturday morning. The high school kids were in awe. Ohio State's team did their warm up swim and then went down to beat Pitt in a meet that afternoon.