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PPS should value sports where boys and girls can train and compete together.[]

A prime lesson of sports is learning how to play well with others, and having boys and girls together in sport is fantastic. Boys and girls get to be together in athletic settings in swimming, golf, cross country and track. Tennis plays at different seasons, but tennis has mixed doubles elsewhere.

Varsity swimming teams do appeal to both boys and girls. The training and competition events are held in the same places and at the same times. Life is co-ed. Much of swimming is too. The top girl swimmers in the city can beat the boys. Fine. I am an advocate for blended team experiences.

Varsity golf can be co-ed too. Likewise, in tennis, boys and girls can practice together. Track and Cross Country are also able to be blended among boys and girls for practices.

Of course, boys and girls both play basketball and volleyball. But those squads are always their own clique with different practices and games, if not seasons.

Water polo is a sport that is often played in a co-ed fashion, with boys and girls on the same team. When different boys and girls teams are established, they generally practice at the same times and often travel to the same tournaments as a unit.

A philosophical mistake might plague PPS if it chooses to support sports teams with segregated genders. Olympic sports and aquatic sports have a blended gender framework. That distinction of supporting sports opportunities and intramurals that appeal equally to ban accomidate both boys and girls is something that administrators and courts should care to notice.  



Boys & Girls Mingle

Separation of Genders

Position Paper Advancements here


Same season, same meets and same practice schedule.

Different heats of same races.

Seeking unified head coach for both boys and girls squads with assistants.

Desire blended teams.

In the future, “Adam & Eve Events” could be established in PPS H20 as an exhibition / invite.

Water polo

Often true co-ed teams with girls and boys as equals.

Same season, mostly same tournaments, same practice schedule.

Larger programs have both boys and girls teams, not


Younger kids playing water polo are almost always together.

Boys and girls are always blended at Sports & Water Polo Camps and All-City Sports Camps.


Same course, time, season, practice schedule and matches. Often girls right in with boys.

Different tee locations.

Obama boy golfers played against the Brentwood girl golfers in 2013.


Boys in spring and girls in fall.

Possible Mixed Doubles tournament in Olympic Sports Division


Never mixed

Girls get pom-poms.


Never mixed. Both happen in fall.

Different matches, practices. Both happen in fall.

All City Sports Camp would prepare both boys and girls in co-ed fashion in summers.


Never mixed. Both happen in winter.

Different game schedule. Different practices. Different coaches.

All City Sports Camp would train both boys and girls in co-ed fashion in summers.


Sports with Different Boys & Girls Squads (PPS Athletics)

Soccer, football, volleyball for girls (fall)

Basketball, wrestling (winter)

Baseball, softball, volleyball for boys (spring)

Sports with Co-Ed / Blended Squads (Olympic Sports Division)

Water polo, X-Country (fall)

Swimming & Diving (winter)

Track & Field (spring)