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All City Sports Camp mini-art

All-City Sports Camps

Suggestion #5a:[]

Let's run “All-City Sports Camps” for up to 1,000 students starting May 1 and ending September 10, 2014, as a joint project of Citiparks, PPS and PPS H2O.[]

We can reach 1,000 this summer if PPS provide access to some of our public sports facilities as well as lunch-time meals via the federal lunch program.

A $100,000 budget can handle operations. None of those funds come from PPS. Rather, the sale of city pool tags / user fees and sponsorships pay for the All-City Sports Camp .

Background: When PPS Summer Dreamers Academy began, its vision included meaningful, quality activities for every middle school student in PPS. The aim was to curb summer learning loss. About 20 sites were utilized in the first year. In 2014, Summer Dreamers Academy is expected to have one middle school site and 3 elementary grade sites.

Demand is present. In 2013 more than 1,200 students applied yet got rejection letters saying that there was no room for them at Summer Dreamers. In 2012, more than 1,600 students got rejection letters.

A 2014, the new All-City Sports Camp can meet the programming challenges and demands of parents, citizens and taxpayers. Those that have been getting denied admission to the full-day Summer Dreamers Academy can attend the half-day All-City Sports Camp .

Students who have a week of family vacation are told to not enroll in Summer Dreamers as attendance at SDA is a huge factor. Students are only allowed to miss 3 of the 28 days before getting expelled.

The All-City Sports Camp can provide bridge activities for those in Summer Dreamers for other days throughout the summer, before and after the official 28 days of Summer Dreamers.

Link to All-City Sports Camp in this wiki.[]

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Suggestion #5b:[]

Reflection on Puzzle Pieces:[]

The landscape in the life of a city and its players includes different departments, organizations and activities. The illustration shows some of the entities that can be formed and cooperate.

Illustration not shown to scale, of course.

Illustration not shown to scale, of course.

The new in 2014 elements include: PPS H2O (for year-round aquatics), All-City Sports Camps (summers in many sports) and Olympic Sports Division (school-year container for intramurals and sports cut from PPS Athletics: tennis, golf, swimming, etc.)

Glue, overlaps, oversight and management specifics still to be determined and negotiated.