A for Athlete

Suggestion #6:[]

Use co-op sports agreements to save the swim teams at Carrick and Brashear.[]

The swim teams at Carrick and Brashear could be saved with creative cooperative sports agreements with two local Catholic high schools.

Seaton LaSalle High School swim team rents the pool at Brashear. Bishop Canevin rents the pool at Pittsburgh Classical (PCA). A sports cooperative agreement could be forged for swimming so Seaton LaSalle hooks up with Brashear and Bishop Canevin hooks its coop up with Carrick. With those coops, the PPS students who want to be varsity swimmers at those schools could still have a team to join. Practices would still be at their home school. The coaching staff and costs of officials could come from negotiations and private school sources. PPS can supply use of the pool space that otherwise would be sitting idle.

Coops are not ideal. But cutting programs are far worse. See footnote article: A cautionary tale, to hear how another school district in Ohio lost 103 students when sports were cut for only a few months.

The Carrick and Brashear teams would also benefit from support from PPS H2O. Money, program upgrades, year-round aquatic opportunities, hiring help and other organizational efforts are expected.

Example: OLSH (Our Lady of Sacred Heart) has a coop with Cornell in swimming. So, a private / Catholic school can form a coop with a public school.