A for Athlete


From Oprah's site in September 2008[]

I am an Olympicholic. When I was a kid in the sixties I would stay up and watch all night until I unknowingly feel asleep. So I watched and watched and watched, every four years. In the pass I would watched any event. During the sixties the Olympics were carried all night all day. No other programs were on the host channel but the Olympics and I learned about sports I , a girl in the Patterson Projects in the Bronx, never knew existed. And latter when my daughter became a competitive swimmer ( for 11 years ,her choice but I was so glad) , I became and still am very attached to swimming. I understand the sport. I understood Michaels mother's every move sitting in the stands. Lauren, my swimmer, was no Michael Phelps mind you, but I was no less dedicated. I too was a single mom getting up at four a.m. taking my daughter in a cab to swim practice from the South Bronx to the upper west side y to swim practice. Picking her up every evening after work from swim practice. Going to every meet away and at home. I love swimmers. Lauren is 29 years old now. and she is a wonderful beautiful young woman and I attribute some her confidence, time management skills and her ability to get along with all kinds of people to her years of being involved with sthe sport. I am glad Michael wants to promote the swimming and I hope Cullen joins in the effort in getting more African Americans involved. I didn't mention that we are African American. Our team were one of the most ethnically diverse team in the state of New York and even the eastern seaboard we found as we traveled to meets. Most teams were either all white or with a few Asians and maybe every once in a while one black kid standing out loud. Our team had African Americans, Hispanic , whites, Asians (Korean and Chinese), rich, poor, middle income, upper income, all smart, and some smart mouth. Thanks for listening

Gail Slatter