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Sporting Interactions


  • Marion Jones asks for sentence to be commuted - 07/21/08 - Disgraced Olympic champion Marion Jones has asked United States (also known as USA) Flag of the United States.svg President George W. Bush to commute her six-month prison sentence for lying to government agents about her use of performance-enhancing drugs and a check-fraud scam.

Avoid the use of recreational drugs, performance enhancing drugs and steroids. See: Drugs

  • Bush gives U.S. Olympians a rousing send-off - 07/21/08 - WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush gave U.S. Olympians a rousing White House send-off to next month's games in Beijing, urging them Monday to "compete swifter, higher and stronger but also be mindful they will be "ambassadors of liberty to the people of China and elsewhere.,