A for Athlete


from October 2012 and http://www.Wpial.org

In order to maintain a fair and level playing field for all contestants, spectators who choose to walk the course must comply with the following in WPIAL team matches and individual tournament golf events:

  1. Do not offer comments or advice to the players.
  2. Do not approach the players nearer than twenty-five (25) yards behind the group being observed.
  3. Do not cross over tee areas, fairways or putting greens during play. Observe from cart paths where provided ot the “rough”.
  4. Follow the rules of golf etiquette at all times..
  5. Do not attempt to apply the rules of golf.
  6. Do not forecaddie. Spectators may point generally to the whereabouts of a ball but may not participate in a search.
  7. Spectators are not permitted to use carts regardless of club affiliation or a golf course’s willingness to sell carts to spectators. Spectators who do not comply with the above rules may be asked to leave the site immediately. Spectator cooperation is appreciated.