Background[edit | edit source]

  • Defunct Android app used to allow parents and guardians to communicate with the coaching staff of Swim & Water Polo Camp concerning the health of their students.

Suggested Updates[edit | edit source]

These enhancements are things that could be done for the Guard app for in the future, such as in July 2013.

  1. Typo. The last line of screen two misspells the email address. It is Mar@ and should be Mark@. The K is missing from the email on the 2nd screen.
  1. After going to the second screen, the user hits a dead end. There should be places to go and things to do after the submit button is hit and the thank you screen is shown.
    • After a click on the 2nd screen, the user should go back to the first screen with all the values empty or put to their original state in the field.
    • Perhaps there is an option to quit shown on the second screen.
    • Perhaps there is an option to make another entry into Guard, for example a second child.
    • And if it is another entry then ask if it is the same student or else a different student.
    • We would expect that the one filling out the form is going to be the same person. So, perhaps we keep those values and just have the mouse go to field 3.
    • Perhaps we ask the if user to go go via browser to the team's we site or
  1. Another Typo: Second screen now has "Swim & Waterpolo Camp" and should be "Swim & Water Polo Camp."
  2. Would be great to have a testing name, say Donald Duck, as a way that people could test the application as in a sandbox and those messages would just go right to trash and not mess up the working database. 
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