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Source: Peter Brigham MD <pmbrig@gmail.com>


"The Gutenberg Reader is literally an entire library of over 30,000 volumes, right on your desktop. Well, almost literally. The Reader is designed to import and display etexts generated by Project Gutenberg™. These are free public domain texts available online — the Gutenberg catalog has over 30,000 books (and growing), and with their partners and affiliates makes over 100,000 titles available to anyone with internet access. Any of the Gutenberg texts are accessible within a couple minutes from within the Reader.

"The Gutenberg pages are actually designed to be viewed with any web browser, without any additional application or software required, and you don't really have to use the Reader to access them. However, the Reader downloads a Gutenberg text and replaces simple quotes with curly quotation marks, double dashes with m-dashes, gets rid of the end-of-line characters within paragraphs, and presents the text in a book-like layout, using the fontface of your choice. You can navigate easily through the book with mouseclicks or using the arrowkeys, set a bookmark, and make notes on any passage. The result is a completely different reading experience from what you are probably used to on a computer screen."

The Reader is also available in a standalone application at


Also at userspace at RevOnline (user name pmbrig) called The Gutenberg Reader.

Many thanks to all on this list who have helped me (mostly unknowingly) over the years I have been (mostly) lurking in the background. I have picked up countless tips on the vicissitudes of Rev without which I'd have been lost. Some of us benefit quietly from all the amazing information shared here, and we may not always speak up about it.

a grateful amateur,

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