A for Athlete

Hayley McGregory


  • Swimmer at Longhorn Aquatics (TXLA-TX)
  • in 2008 = 22 DOB: Jan 13, 1986
  • 6' 0" (182.9 cm)
  • Hometown = Houston, Texas
  • in 2008 resides in Austin, Texas
  • former resident of London, GBR (also known as GBR) Flag of the United Kingdom
  • Coach = Mike Walker / Randy Reese
  • Wikipedia:Hayley McGregory
  • USA Swimming's media guide provided some source materials.

Career Highlights:[]

Set the world record in the 50m backstroke at the 2008 All-American Long Course Meet ... won the 100m back at the 2007 Conoco Phillips National Championships ... earned silver in the 400 medley relay at the 2007 Japan International Invitational ... won both the 100m and 200m back at Nationals in ====2004====

United States (also known as USA) Flag of the United States Nationals[]

2007: 1st, 100 BK; 12th, 200 BK

NCAA NCAA logo Championships[]

2007(Jr): 15, 200 MR-R

2007 World Rankings:[]

51st, 50m back; 11th, 100m back; 72nd, 200m back

2005 World Rankings:[]

31st, 100m Back Intl. Results: 2007 Jpn Invite: 2nd, 400m MR; 5th, 100m BK


Former WR holder in 50m BK, set at 2008 ST All-American LC Champions ... Holds NAG (17-18) in 400y MED-R, set at 2004 ST American SC Champs ... Holds NAG (17-18) in 400m MED-R, set at 2004 ConocoPhillips Nationals ... Holds NAG (15-16) in 400m MED-R, set at 2002 ST Senior Circuit Champs

United States (also known as USA) Flag of the United States Swim Titles[]

100m Back (2): '07 SUM, '04 SUM 200m Back (1): '04 SUM


National Teams: 2004 National B Team … 2002 National Junior Team Collegiate: 2005 NCAA All American ... 2005 Big 12 Conference Champ in the 100y back High School: 2001 Texas Athlete of the Year ... National High School champ in the 100y back … Texas High School State champ in the 100y free and 100y back … High School All-American


High School: Bowie HS '04 College: USC '09 (transfered from Texas) College Major: Psychology

Ambitions, Aspirations, Goals, Dreams[]


Family, Village, Community[]

Parents: Dennis and Tracy … father owns an air conditioner company, and mother works in real estate Sports Played Before Swimming: Basketball, volleyball, track Nickname(s): Hail, Hailstorm, Hay-Hay Pet(s): Three dogs (Juju, Scooter, Buster Brown) … two cats (Mojo and Gizmo) Hobbies Outside the Pool: Shopping, watching TV, spending time at the lake, listening to music Ultimate Way to Relax: Sleeping, reading, watching movies Most Influential Person: (Former U.S. Olympian) B.J. Bedford … “She’s fast and has a great personality at the same time.”

Training Notes[]


Swims 14,000 meters/yards per day, 3-4 hours a day, 6 days a week Favorites: Movie: Rush Hour ... tv: Lost

Top Times[]

Event Best Year 100m BK 59.46 Jun 08 200m BK 2:10.25 Jun 08


SUM NATS - 1 Final, 100m BK; 12 Final, 200m BK; 2 Final, 400m MED-R


SUM NATS - 15 Final, 100m BK SPG CHAMPS - 4 Final, 100m BK NCAA - 6 Final, 100y BK


WUG - 8 Final, 50m BK WC TRIALS - 4 Final, 100m BK; 10 Final, 200m BK


SUM NATS - 1 Final, 100m BK; 1 Final, 200m BK OLY TRIALS - 3 Final, 100m BK; 3 Final, 200m BK SPG NATS - 2 Final, 100m BK; 3 Final, 200m BK


SUM NATS - 3 Final, 100m BK; 10 Final, 200m BK SPG NATS - 3 Final, 100m BK; 5 Final, 200m BK


US Open - 1 Final, 100m BK; 1 Final, 200m BK SUM NATS - 13 Final, 100m BK