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Understanding Heart Rate:[]

Heart rate is an accurate measurement of intensity and exertion of exercise.

A heart rate monitor is the easiest and most precise way to continuously measure one's heart rate.

By understanding and monitoring the ideal heart-rate “zones” while training, one can consistently train at the targeted and optimum fitness levels. Knowing the work “zone” for heart rate prevents over-training, under-training, and encourages correct pacing. Heart rate monitors (HRM’s) can reveal various factors of fitness including: dehydration, running out of nutrition, or not recovered from a previous day’s workout.

Heart rate training has been utilized by top athletes in sports in order to improve training levels. To take advantage of the benefits a heart rate monitors, calculate the various work-rate “zones” including one's maximum heart rate (MHR) and resting heart rate (RHR). These zones differ depending on age, gender, and body weight. Knowing your zones guides your training and exertion levels during your workout. With these “zones” set, one can monitor improvement and efficiently while training.

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