A for Athlete

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) uses these three letter codes to refer to various nations.

The IOC Country Code is not identical with the Nation name conventions that is the standard ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 code.

Some IOC Country Codes represent athletes from multiple nations, or groups of athletes not formally representing any nation.

Current List

Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V Y Z


Code Ref Nation (NOC) Other codes used
AFG [1] Template:FlagIOC
AHO [2] Template:FlagIOC ATO (1960), NAN (1964)
ALB [3] Template:FlagIOC
ALG [4] Template:FlagIOC AGR (1964), AGL (1968S)
AND [5] Template:FlagIOC
ANG [6] Template:FlagIOC
ANT [7] Template:FlagIOC
ARG [8] Template:FlagIOC
ARM [9] Template:FlagIOC
ARU [10] Template:FlagIOC
ASA [11] Template:FlagIOC
Australia (also known as AUS) Flag of Australia.svg [12] Template:FlagIOC
AUT [13] Template:FlagIOC
AZE [14] Template:FlagIOC


Code Ref Nation (NOC) Other codes used
BAH [15] Template:FlagIOC
BAN [16] Template:FlagIOC
BAR [17] Template:FlagIOC BAD (1964)
BDI [18] Template:FlagIOC
BEL [19] Template:FlagIOC
BEN [20] Template:FlagIOC DAY (1964), DAH (1968–1976)
BER [21] Template:FlagIOC
BHU [22] Template:FlagIOC
BIH [23] Template:FlagIOC BSH (1992S)
BIZ [24] Template:FlagIOC HBR (1968–1972)
BLR [25] Template:FlagIOC
BOL [26] Template:FlagIOC
BOT [27] Template:FlagIOC
BRA [28] Template:FlagIOC
BRN [29] Template:FlagIOC
BRU [30] Template:FlagIOC
BUL [31] Template:FlagIOC
BUR [32] Template:FlagIOC VOL (1972–1984)


Code Ref Nation (NOC) Other codes used
CAF [33] Template:FlagIOC AFC (1968)
CAM [34] Template:FlagIOC CAB (1964), KHM (1972–1976)
CAN [35] Template:FlagIOC
CAY [36] Template:FlagIOC
CGO [37] Template:FlagIOC
CHA [38] Template:FlagIOC CHD (1964)
CHI [39] Template:FlagIOC CIL (1956W, 1960S)
CHN [40] Template:FlagIOC
CIV [41] Template:FlagIOC IVC (1964), CML (1968)
CMR [42] Template:FlagIOC
COD [43] Template:FlagIOC COK (1968), ZAI (1972–1996)
COK [44] Template:FlagIOC
COL [45] Template:FlagIOC
COM [46] Template:FlagIOC
CPV [47] Template:FlagIOC
CRC [48] Template:FlagIOC COS (1964), CTC (1984W)
CRO [49] Template:FlagIOC
CUB [50] Template:FlagIOC
CYP [51] Template:FlagIOC
CZE [52] Template:FlagIOC


Code Ref Nation (NOC) Other codes used
Denmark (also known as DEN) Flag of Denmark.svg [53] Template:FlagIOC DAN (1960S, 1968W), DIN (1968S)
Djibouti (also known as DJI) Flag of Djibouti.svg [54] Template:FlagIOC
Dominica (also known as DMA) Flag of Dominica.svg [55] Template:FlagIOC
Dominican Republic (also known as DOM) Flag of the Dominican Republic.svg [56] Template:FlagIOC


Code Ref Nation (NOC) Other codes used
ECU [57] Template:FlagIOC
EGY [58] Template:FlagIOC RAU (1960, 1968), UAR (1964)
ERI [59] Template:FlagIOC
ESA [60] Template:FlagIOC SAL (1964–1976)
ESP [61] Template:FlagIOC SPA (1956–1964, 1968W)
EST [62] Template:FlagIOC
ETH [63] Template:FlagIOC ETI (1960, 1968)


Code Ref Nation (NOC) Other codes used
FIJ [64] Template:FlagIOC FIG (1960)
FIN [65] Template:FlagIOC
FRA [66] Template:FlagIOC
FSM [67] Template:FlagIOC


Code Ref Nation (NOC) Other codes used
GAB [68] Template:FlagIOC
GAM [69] Template:FlagIOC
GBR [70] Template:FlagIOC GRB (1956W–1960), GBI (1964)
GBS [71] Template:FlagIOC
GEO [72] Template:FlagIOC
GEQ [73] Template:FlagIOC
GER [74] Template:FlagIOC
GHA [75] Template:FlagIOC
GRE [76] Template:FlagIOC
GRN [77] Template:FlagIOC
GUA [78] Template:FlagIOC GUT (1964)
GUI [79] Template:FlagIOC
GUM [80] Template:FlagIOC
GUY [81] Template:FlagIOC GUA (1960), GUI (1964)


Code Ref Nation (NOC) Other codes used
HAI [82] Template:FlagIOC
HKG [83] Template:FlagIOC HOK (1960–1968)
HON [84] Template:FlagIOC
HUN [85] Template:FlagIOC UNG (1956W, 1960S)


Code Ref Nation (NOC) Other codes used
INA [86] Template:FlagIOC INS (1960)
IND [87] Template:FlagIOC
IRI [88] Template:FlagIOC IRN (1956–1988), IRA (1968W)
IRL [89] Template:FlagIOC
IRQ [90] Template:FlagIOC IRK (1960, 1968)
ISL [91] Template:FlagIOC ICE (1960W, 1964S)
ISR [92] Template:FlagIOC
ISV [93] Template:FlagIOC
ITA [94] Template:FlagIOC
IVB [95] Template:FlagIOC


Code Ref Nation (NOC) Other codes used
JAM [96] Template:FlagIOC
JOR [97] Template:FlagIOC
JPN [98] Template:FlagIOC GIA (1956W, 1960S), JAP (1960W)


Code Ref Nation (NOC) Other codes used
KAZ [99] Template:FlagIOC
KEN [100] Template:FlagIOC
KGZ [101] Template:FlagIOC
KIR [102] Template:FlagIOC
KOR [103] Template:FlagIOC COR (1956W, 1960S, 1968S, 1972S)
KSA [104] Template:FlagIOC ARS (1968–1976), SAU (1980–1984)
KUW [105] Template:FlagIOC


Code Ref Nation (NOC) Other codes used
LAO [106] Template:FlagIOC
LAT [107] Template:FlagIOC
LBA [108] Template:FlagIOC LYA (1964), LBY (1968W)
LBR [109] Template:FlagIOC
LCA [110] Template:FlagIOC
LES [111] Template:FlagIOC
LIB [112] Template:FlagIOC LEB (1960W, 1964S)
LIE [113] Template:FlagIOC LIC (1956W, 1964S, 1968W)
LTU [114] Template:FlagIOC LIT (1992W)
LUX [115] Template:FlagIOC


Code Ref Nation (NOC) Other codes used
MAD [116] Template:FlagIOC MAG (1964)
MAR [117] Template:FlagIOC MRC (1964)
MAS [118] Template:FlagIOC MAL (1964–1988)
MAW [119] Template:FlagIOC
MDA [120] Template:FlagIOC MLD (1994)
MDV [121] Template:FlagIOC
MEX [122] Template:FlagIOC
MGL [123] Template:FlagIOC MON (1968W)
MHL [124] Template:FlagIOC
MKD [125] Template:FlagIOC
MLI [126] Template:FlagIOC
MLT [127] Template:FlagIOC MAT (1960–1964)
MNE [128] Template:FlagIOC
MON [129] Template:FlagIOC
MOZ [130] Template:FlagIOC
MRI [131] Template:FlagIOC
MTN [132] Template:FlagIOC
MYA [133] Template:FlagIOC BIR (1960, 1968–1988), BUR (1964)


Code Ref Nation (NOC) Other codes used
NAM [134] Template:FlagIOC
NCA [135] Template:FlagIOC NCG (1964), NIC (1968)
NED [136] Template:FlagIOC OLA (1956W), NET (1960W), PBA (1960S), NLD (1964S), HOL (1968–1988)
NEP [137] Template:FlagIOC
NGR [138] Template:FlagIOC NGA (1964)
NIG [139] Template:FlagIOC NGR (1964)
NOR [140] Template:FlagIOC
NRU [141] Template:FlagIOC
NZL [142] Template:FlagIOC NZE (1960, 1968W)


Code Ref Nation (NOC)
OMA [143] Template:FlagIOC


Code Ref Nation (NOC) Other codes used
PAK [144] Template:FlagIOC
PAN [145] Template:FlagIOC
PAR [146] Template:FlagIOC
PER [147] Template:FlagIOC
PHI [148] Template:FlagIOC FIL (1960, 1968)
PLE [149] Template:FlagIOC
PLW [150] Template:FlagIOC
PNG [151] Template:FlagIOC NGY (1976–1980), NGU (1984–1988)
POL [152] Template:FlagIOC
POR [153] Template:FlagIOC
PRK [154] Template:FlagIOC NKO (1964S, 1968W), CDN (1968)
PUR [155] Template:FlagIOC PRI (1960), PRO (1968)


Code Ref Nation (NOC)
QAT [156] Template:FlagIOC


Code Ref Nation (NOC) Other codes used
ROU [157] Template:FlagIOC ROM (1956–1960, 1972–2006), RUM (1964–1968)
RSA [158] Template:FlagIOC SAF (1960–1972)
RUS [159] Template:FlagIOC
RWA [160] Template:FlagIOC


Code Ref Nation (NOC) Other codes used
SAM [161] Template:FlagIOC
SEN [162] Template:FlagIOC SGL (1964)
SEY [163] Template:FlagIOC
SIN [164] Template:FlagIOC
SKN [165] Template:FlagIOC
SLE [166] Template:FlagIOC SLA (1968)
SLO [167] Template:FlagIOC
SMR [168] Template:FlagIOC SMA (1960–1964)
SOL [169] Template:FlagIOC
SOM [170] Template:FlagIOC
SRB [171] Template:FlagIOC
SRI [172] Template:FlagIOC CEY (1960–1972)
STP [173] Template:FlagIOC
SUD [174] Template:FlagIOC
SUI [175] Template:FlagIOC SVI (1956W, 1960S), SWI (1960W, 1964S)
SUR [176] Template:FlagIOC
SVK [177] Template:FlagIOC
SWE [178] Template:FlagIOC SVE (1956W, 1960S), SUE (1968S)
SWZ [179] Template:FlagIOC
SYR [180] Template:FlagIOC SIR (1968)


Code Ref Nation (NOC) Other codes used
TAN [181] Template:FlagIOC
TGA [182] Template:FlagIOC TON (1984)
THA [183] Template:FlagIOC TAI (1960, 1968)
TJK [184] Template:FlagIOC
TKM [185] Template:FlagIOC
TLS [186] Template:FlagIOC
TOG [187] Template:FlagIOC
TPE [188] Template:FlagIOC RCF (1960), TWN (1964–1968), ROC (1972–1976)
TRI [189] Template:FlagIOC TRT (1964–1968)
TUN [190] Template:FlagIOC
TUR [191] Template:FlagIOC
TUV [192] Template:FlagIOC


Code Ref Nation (NOC) Other codes used
UAE [193] Template:FlagIOC
UGA [194] Template:FlagIOC
UKR [195] Template:FlagIOC
URU [196] Template:FlagIOC URG (1968)
USA [197] Template:FlagIOC SUA (1960S), EUA (1968S)
UZB [198] Template:FlagIOC


Code Ref Nation (NOC) Other codes used
VAN [199] Template:FlagIOC
VEN [200] Template:FlagIOC
VIE [201] Template:FlagIOC VET (1964), VNM (1968–1976)
VIN [202] Template:FlagIOC


Code Ref Nation (NOC)
YEM [203] Template:FlagIOC


Code Ref Nation (NOC) Other codes used
ZAM [204] Template:FlagIOC NRH (1964)
ZIM [205] Template:FlagIOC RHO (1960–1972)

Historic NOCs and teams

Codes still in use

Twelve historical NOCs or teams have codes that are still used in the IOC results database[1] to refer to past medal winners from these teams.

Code Nation/Team Other codes used
ANZ Template:FlagIOC
BOH Template:FlagIOC
BWI Template:FlagIOC ANT (1960, 1968), WID (1964)
EUA Template:Flagicon United Team of Germany GER (1956–1964)
EUN Template:Flagicon image Unified Team
FRG Template:FlagIOC ALL (1968W), ALE (1968S), GER (1972–1976)
GDR Template:FlagIOC ADE (1968)
SCG Template:FlagIOC
TCH Template:FlagIOC CSL (1956W), CZE (1960W), CSV (1960S), CZS (1964S), CHE (1968S)
URS Template:FlagIOC SOV (1968W)
YUG Template:FlagIOC JUG (1956–1960, 1968W), YUS (1964S)
ZZX Template:Flagicon image Mixed teams

Obsolete codes

Code Nation (NOC) Years Notes
BIR Template:Flag 1948–1988 Now Template:FlagIOCteam
CEY Template:Flag 1948–1972 Now Template:FlagIOCteam
DAH Template:Flag 1964–1976 Now Template:FlagIOCteam
HBR Template:Flag 1968–1972 Now Template:FlagIOCteam
KHM Template:Flagicon Khmer Republic 1972–1976 Now Template:FlagIOCteam
MAL Template:Flag 1956–1960 Competed independently prior to the formation of Malaysia in 1963.
Now Template:FlagIOCteam
Template:Flag 1956
NRH Template:Flag 1964 Now Template:FlagIOCteam
ROC Template:Flag 1932–1976 Now Template:Flag
RHO Template:Flag 1960–1972 Now Template:FlagIOCteam
UAR Template:Flag 1960–1968 Now Template:FlagIOCteam
VOL Template:Flag 1972–1984 Now Template:FlagIOCteam
YAR Template:Flag 1984–1988 Competed independently prior to Yemenite unification in 1990.
Now Template:FlagIOCteam
YMD Template:Flag 1988
YUG Template:Flag 1996–2002 As Template:Flag 2004–2006
ZAI Template:Flag 1972–1996 Now Template:FlagIOCteam
Template:Flag 1948–1964 Now Template:FlagIOCteam
Template:Flag 1952 Now Template:FlagIOCteam
Template:Flag 1952 Competed independently prior to rejoining West Germany in 1957.

Two other significant code changes have occurred, both because of a change in the nation's designation as used by the IOC:

  • HOL was changed to NED for the Netherlands for the 1992 Games, reflecting the change in designation from Holland.
  • IRN was changed to IRI for Iran for the 1992 Games, reflecting the change in designation to Islamic Republic of Iran.

Special codes

  • ANZ is now used in the IOC's medal database[1] to identify the team from Australasia, composed of athletes from both Australia and New Zealand for the 1908 and 1912 Games. By 1920, both nations competed separately.
  • EUA is now used in the IOC's medal database[1] to identify the United Team of Germany, composed of athletes representing the NOCs of both East Germany and West Germany for the 1956–1964 Games. At the time, the team was simply known as Germany in the official reports for those six Games.
  • EUN was used in 1992 (both Summer and Winter Games) for the Unified Team, composed of athletes from most of the ex-republics of the Soviet Union. Only the Baltic states were able to compete as independent teams in 1992; the other twelve new nations competed independently for the first time in 1994 and/or 1996.
  • IOP was used for Independent Olympic Participants in 1992, a designation used for athletes from Yugoslavia who could not compete as a team due to United Nations sanctions.
  • IOA was used for Individual Olympic Athletes in 2000, a designation used for athletes from Timor-Leste prior to the formation of its NOC.
  • ZZX is used to identify medals won by mixed teams of athletes from multiple nations (such as the combination of France and Great Britain, for example), a situation that happened several times in the Games of 1896, 1900, and 1904.

Older codes with water polo history

  • Germany (also known as GER) Flag of Germany.svg, for the period of 1968-1991 the abbreviations Template:FRG for the Federal Republic and Template:GDR for the Democratic Republic have been used.
  • Russia (also known as RUS) Flag of Russia.svg and Kazakhstan (also known as KAZ) Flag of Kazakhstan.svg were part of Template:USSR and Template:URS until 1991.
  • Template:TCH was used for Template:Czechoslovakia (CZE + SVK) until 1992.
  • Croatia (also known as CRO) Flag of Croatia.svg / Croatia (also known as CRO) Flag of Croatia.svg (until 1992) and Serbia & Montenegro / SCG (until 2002) were part of Template:Yugoslavia (YUG).
  • In 2006, Serbia (also known as SRB) Flag of Serbia.svg and Montenegro (also known as MNE) Flag of Montenegro.svg split and are now two separate National Federations.

See also

  • Lists of National Olympic Committees by continental association:
    • Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa
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