Background[edit | edit source]

Event in April 2018.

Insights[edit | edit source]

ICEBAT 2018 U.S. IS ENDORSED BY:[edit | edit source]

  • Academy of Aquatic Physical Therapy (Formally the Aquatic Section of the APTA- American Physical Therapy Association)
  • Association IATF- International Aquatic Therapy Faculty, Valens
  • APA- Australian Physiotherapy Association Aquatic Physiotherapy Group
  • ABFA- Brazilian Association of Aquatic Physiotherapy
  • CARI- Canadian Aquatic Rehab Instructors
  • Terapia Acuática e Hidrokinesiterapia del Colegio de Kinesiólogos de Chile
  • IATA- China: the Chinese Aquatic Therapy Association
  • Red Acuatica Colombia
  • ATNI- Aquatic Therapy Network of India
  • ANIK- Italian Aquatic Physical Therapists
  • AQPG- South African Society of Physiotherapy Aquatic Physiotherapy Group
  • IATA- Korea: the South-Korean Aquatic Therapy Association
  • Red Mexicana Terapia Acuatica: the Mexican Aquatic Network
  • Dutch Halliwick Association (NHV)
  • Nederlands Paramedisch Instituut
  • RETacua: the Spanish Aquatic Physical Therapy Network
  • Turkish Physiotherapy Association Aquatherapy Subgroup
  • ATACP- United Kingdom: Aquatic Therapy Association of Chartered Physiotherapists
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