A for Athlete


Term used with water polo balls.

Source: http://nationalwaterpololeague.webs.com/apps/blog/show/5998067-barac-balls-are-falling-out-of-our-hands


Not only soccer players have problems with the balls. Water polo players got their "Jubulani" case. FINA and LEN embraced new Mikasa balls as official balls for their competitions.

Captain of Primorje, Rijeka and the Croatian national team Samir Barac spoke about this problem for Rijeka's "La voce del popolo".

"Balls are a very important segment of the game, and manufacturers try to design and color water polo balls to make them more attractive. Since the new 'colorful' ball started to get used I have encountered a lot of problems about which I have spoken with my colleagues from the team.

The grooves are very narrow, so the ball is poorly fitting and just 'runs away' from the hand. On long passing game is almost impossible to catch the ball because it has a very strange path so we call it 'Jabulani'. With all that it gets used very quickly. "Barac says and adds:

'balls are too large in relation to goals, which are still relatively small compared to the goalkeepers. And if they give us these balls to use scoring goals becomes true art. I have to say that 'Mikasa' balls from the nineties were extraordinary. ', ended Barac.