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A-B-C terms[]

  • Lane ropes, noun. Ropes that seperate a lap pool into various lanes. Dividers. Use lane ropes to stay in my lane.
  • Marathon, noun. A long distance race that is 26.2 miles of running. After running a marathon, runners are tired.
  • Net, noun. Goal. The net is around the goal and is something to throw a ball into. I scored a goal in the net.
  • Vertical position, noun. Going down. When the players hips are low in the water. She almost died when trying to swim but in a vertical position.

Reflections from SDA14[]

  • First, when I started swimming, I was scared. And, I thought I couldn't do it. It was so hard to swim and put my head under water. I could not do freestyle and back stroke. But now I know how to swim. I've over come my fear and I know how to swim under water. I know how to swim and my family will be ery proud of me. I love swimming! Love, Jackie

Destiny, Sacha, and Jackie

Destiny, Sacha, and Jackie at Camp Langley.

Hot Springs visitor gets camp hug

Attendance time at Camp Langley in the courtyard. 
AlexusShresty, a camp visitor named Cami, SarahMya, and Jackie.

Jason hydrates Jackie Zackery reads

Ready for water after a swim.

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MilestonePod in SDA15[]

  • Serial Number: 5C:31:3E:8A:72:2D Rauterkus (talk) 12:58, July 6, 2015 (UTC)
  • Username:
  • Password: CLOH


Projects to do[]

  • Insert squad name (hint, a national park) as a category onto this page.
  • Log onto this wiki with a username. Then you get credit for edits and changes at Special:MYPAGE.
  • Digital Badges/Goals/Level 1
  • Check out the A-B-C Book from the past and insert your photo into the page based upon your first name.

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