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Swim coach at Plum with PAYS and friend of Mark Rauterkus and many others.


Letter from Nov 13, 1994[]

Dear Dave, (prior executive director of the East Suburban YMCA in Plum Boro)

In 1990 I assumed the responsibilities of the MCA Swim Team at a weekly salary of $220.00 for 48 weeks. However, at that time I had to pay for my three children to swim at a cost of $550.00. If you recall I took a ten dollar a week cut to cover my children swimming. I realize that at that time the YMCA policy was such that instructors paif ro their childrens program fees. Had I stayed at the $220.00 per week for 48 weeks I would have been paid $10,560 which is what Greg Kinzler would have made. The team had about 50 swimmers in the winter program.

In 1991 my salary stayed at the $210.00 per week but was paid for 52 weeks totaling $10,920 which is a $360.00 increase. If I am not mistaken the YMCA policy was changed and my children were able to swim free because of my being the coach. It needs to be noted here that the extra four weeks that were paid for were work weeks used in preparation for spring training and fall pre-season conditioning programs which needed to be promoted and swimmers recruited. the team had 48 swimmers in the 1991-1992 swim season.

In 1992 I was given a raise of $10.00 per week and paid for 52 weeks totaling $11,440, an increase of $520.00. It was in this year that the fees were rolled back and the proceeds from the Mistletow Meet wree generated for the YMCA. the team grew to 78 swimmers, a 73.3% increase.

In 1993 you said that if the team grew to over 100 I would receive a raise. In the 1993-1994 season the team had 103 swimmers, at 32% increase and I made $11,440 which showed no increase over the previous year. I need to point out here that the summer program was holding at around 45 swimmers and stroke clinics and pre-season training ssessions were increasing.

In the fall of 1994 I mentioned that the team could be very large, exceeding the 130 mark. You stated that if the team grew to over 125 we would talk serous money. The team now stands at 128 swimmers for the winter and the summer program under my leadership grew this past summer to 60 swimmers, a 33% increase. My request is for an increase of $20.00 per week plus 12% retirement during the 1994-95 winter season and the 1995 summer season.

I have been responsible to the YMCA for, coaching and training the swimmers, hiring and supervising the assistant coaches, managing the parents organization, until this year collecting funds and letting the YMCA know who was swimming, and running the Mistletow Meet and the Summer Invitationals. This is far more than 20 hour a week job with coaching, paper work, meetings and meets.


Jerry A. O'Neil Head Swim Coach Plum Area YMCA Swimming