A for Athlete

Visiting in 2015[]

  • Jordan is back in 2015, so says the pre-race promotions for the GNC Liberty Mile.

Visiting in 2014[]


Selfie with Camp Faison.

2014GNCLibertyMile Madia 545

Plenty of time to visit again after the running of the race. Jordan McNamara gives Coach Mark Rauterkus of Swim & Water Polo Camp and Summer Dreamers, a high five.


Jordan does Autographs post LM2012

"J" is for "Jordan." Jordan is a professional runner who has given support to the Summer Dreamers, signed autographs, and gave inspirational videos to us via YouTube from his races in Europe. Jordan runs the mile in under 4-minutes. In 2012, he got second. We'll be cheering for him again in 2013.



Jordan in pool at UPREP

Jordan McNamara visited the Swim & Water Polo Camp at Summer Dreamers at U-Prep and got in the water with the kids.

Liberty Mile[]

2nd time Jordan gets 2nd

In the 2013 and 2012 Liberty Mile, Jordan McNamara finished in second place is super tight races. He was so close to breaking the tape, but was edged by the runner to his left. Jordan won in the 2014 race.

Other big images[]




Jordan McNamara's Tips to Run Your Best Mile-0

Mark and Jordan pre LibM

Mark Rauterkus and Jordan McNamara before the 2013 Liberty Mile.

  • Winning a race,

Meeting Heusden-Zolder 2013- 1.500