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  • Retired associate professor. The formal rank in the Pitt hierarchy is Emeritus Faculty which translates into Associate Professor Emerita.


Since 1972, Curriculum Innovators & Implementors, Inc. has provided educational materials and support to adults interested in improving their own record of goal accomplishment as well as teachers of presehool - post-secondary students and parents who want to learn how to coach the maturational development process at work in their students/children.

Growing up is not an easy task, but with appropriate tools in hand and the use of specific coaching strategies, teachers and parents can encourage and support their students/children as they learn how to navigate life's troubled waters.

"How to get (and keep) your act together" is a theme of our work that is both concrete (re: specific skills and strategies) and visionary.

Washington's success with The Little Yellow Book for goal setting[]


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From June, 2015:


Digital Badges Goals Level Masters and the Conation Cycle


Uncut Kay Atman on Digital Badges Goals-0

Digital Badges/Goals[]

In 2016, the format changes to XPs rather than a Digital Badges.

Goals Level 1

Kay Atman was a helper in the design and insights for six Digital Badges.


Her work at the elementary level includes a program of 58 songs that have been written for Kindergarten and elementary children called:  Heads, Hands & Hearts. The songs are currently being used in two schools in greater Pittsburgh, Barrett Elementary School in the Steel Valley School District and the Ellis School on 5th Avenue.

The purpose of the songs is to teach the children self-management skills. 

The goals:

  1. To help children understand that the Executive Function of their brains, located right behind their foreheads, is amazing and helps them to set goals, make plans and “make it happen.”
  2. To teach children that when they take charge of themselves, they can do good work and feel very proud of what they have accomplished.

Notification has come that the actual publication date for an article about published research by Kay Atman on goals is September, 2015, in Progress in Transplantation. More news expected in 2015 from the School of Nursing about announcing the results of the study.


Sprout Fund/Playlists RFP Brainstorming[]

  • Possible role for Kay Atman is Goals Coach.

Research article[]



A program that includes 57 life-skill songs and goal-setting activities for pre-school and elementary children. This program involves three steps: !) students learn concepts such as responsibility, cooperation and perseverance through songs at school, 2) set goals to to act responsibly, cooperate and "stick with it" at home and 3) parents encourage their students in this process by "signing off" that the goal was accomplished. A Handbook for parents which includes guidelines for coaching their students in the goal setting process is available.


A planning program that teaches middle school students self-management skills concerning time, resources and stress. Middle school students learn to set longer term goals requiring work to be accomplished across a nine week grading peiod. Developing planning skills of this nature helps prepare students for more independent work that will be required of them at the high school level. Self-management is the secret key to academic and other kinds of achievement.


A self-regulation and leadership skill development program for high school students based on skills found in four life skill areas: #. Organization and Management Skills,

  1. . Interpersonal Skills,
  2. . Metacognitive (thinking) Skills and
  3. . Intrapersonal Skills (Understanding yourself.)

At the high school level, students can be challenged to explore career options and begin to realize the importance of a strong academic record for their post-high school lives. Being distracted easily can undermine a student's potential for academic success. At this level, students can be introduced to data drawn from fMRI research on the brain and choose to activate their emerging Executive Function capacitdy for setting goals, making plans, monitoring their own behavior and stopping doing "dumb stuff." Achievement and success in life is all about knowing and using self-regulation skills.


A current events discussion "game" designed for small groups of middle or high school students. Given a current events issue, students analyze the issue in terms of concepts drawn from the social science disciplines (anthropology, economics, geogrophy, history, political science and sociology) and recommend potential solutions to a responsible decision maker at the national level.