Development of Underwater Kicking[edit | edit source]

Do these three sets, three times per week

Set #1: Fin Kicking Underwater for working on the FOIL MOVEMENT[edit | edit source]

  • 12 Minutes 4(5 X 25@ 30 Second), with a 30 Second Rest between each Sub-set.
    • Sub-sets:
      1. Focus on the Forward Kick
      2. Focus on the Backward Kick
      3. Focus on Summation of Forces with the Upper Body Movement
      4. Focus on Tempo

Set #2: FISH/FLOPS for Perfect Execution of the first length[edit | edit source]

(11K-5C) F and (9K, 4C) M

20 Minutes (20 X 50@1:00), can be done straight fly or sub-sets of others (i.e. Backstroke)

Sample Sub-sets:[edit | edit source]

      1. Fly
      2. Back
      3. Fly with Plus 2 Rule (or Minus 2 Rule)
      4. Free (with relay step in start)

Set #3: Jump Turns for Perfect Execution of other lengths[edit | edit source]

(11K-5C or 7K-7C)F and (9K, 4C or 7K,6C)M

20 Minutes (20 X 50@1:00), can have mixed sub-sets, Jump Turn and One Length Perfect and Recover Back to starting position.

Sample Sub-sets:[edit | edit source]

      1. Fly (for last length)
      2. Back (middle length with foot touch)
      3. Free (middle length with foot touch)
      4. Back (finish length with hand touch)

Coaches times as much as possible.


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