Kim Vandenberg

Background[edit | edit source]

Career Highlights:[edit | edit source]

Won a silver medal in the 200m fly swimming at her first World Championships in 2007 ... also finished second in the 200m fly at the Dual in the Pool ... earned silver in the 200m fly at the 2005 World University Games … finished second in the 200y fly at the 2006 NCAA Championships, and was third in the same event in 2005 ... won her first U.S. national title in the 200m fly at the 2004 Nationals ... competed in finals of the 2004 Olympic Trials, finishing fifth in the 200m fly

World Championships[edit | edit source]

2007: Silver, 200m FL; 12, 50m FL Duel in the Pool History: 2007: Silver, 200m FL

2007 World Rankings:[edit | edit source]

63rd, 50m free; 52nd, 100m free; 30th, 50m fly; 19th, 100m fly; 3rd, 200m fly

2006 World Rankings:[edit | edit source]

70th, 100m fly; 6th, 200m fly

2005 World Rankings:[edit | edit source]

107th, 100m fly; 20th, 200m fly

United States (also known as USA) Flag of the United States.svg Swim Titles[edit | edit source]

200m Fly (2): '06 SUM, '04 SUM

Media[edit | edit source]

Details[edit | edit source]

National Teams: 2006 National A Team ... 2005 National B Team All-Star Team: ====2006====

Personal:[edit | edit source]

High School: Campolindo HS ’02 College: UCLA '07 College Major: History

Ambitions, Aspirations, Goals, Dreams[edit | edit source]

  • Public Relations

Family, Village, Community[edit | edit source]

Parents: Rick and DeNai … father is a stock broker, and mother is a psychologist Sibling(s): Older brother (John) … younger brother (Michael) plays football at New Mexico … younger sister (Lauren) Sports Played Before Swimming: Soccer, track and field Nickname(s): Kimbo, Kimber, Kimmy Pet(s): Two dogs (Hunter and Nani) … Hunter is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and Nani is a Mastiff/Retriever Hobbies Outside the Pool: Playing piano, photography, traveling, farmer's markets, interior designing, learning about different cultures, beach volleyball Ultimate Way to Relax: Listen to music, read, watch movies, sleep Most Influential Person: Grandmother … “She has always supported me and loved me unconditionally” ... "role model: Natalie Coughlin ... "She finds balance in her life while breaking world records and being the best at what she does. It's admirable and inspirational to me." Sponsor(s): Speedo, Mutual of Omaha

Training Notes[edit | edit source]

2008[edit | edit source]

Swims 12–15,000 meters/yards per day, 5 hours a day, 6 days a week More: Chose to go pro in the spring of 2007. Favorites: U.S. city: Los Angeles ... int'l destination: Italy ... band: Radiohead, Beck ... moives: Man on Fire, The Saint, Princess Bride ... book: Memories of a Geisha ... summer activity: going to the beach

Splash:[edit | edit source]

  • 1 World medal (1s)

International Medals[edit | edit source]

2007 Duel in The Pool 2007: Silver, 200m FL 2007 World Championships 2007: Silver, 200m FL

Top Times[edit | edit source]

Event 50m FR 100m FR 100m FL 200m FL Best 25.65 54.87 59.00 2:06.71 Year Feb 08 Feb 08 Jul 07 Mar 07

2008[edit | edit source]

Swimvitational - 4 Final, 100m FR; 2 Final, 200m FR; 3 Final, 100m FL; 1 Final, 200m FL; 9 Final, 200m IM 08 SCSC GP - 7 Final, 100m FR; 4 Final, 200m FR; t9 Final, 100m FL; t2 Final, 200m FL; 7 Final, 200m IM

2007[edit | edit source]

SCY NATS - t11 Final, 50y FR; t10 Final, 100y FR; t2 Final, 200y FR; t5 Final, 100y FL; t1 Final, 200y FL SUM NATS - 20 Final, 50m FR; 9 Final, 100m FR; 13 Final, 200m FR; 5 Final, 100m FL; 3 Final, 200m FL SCSC GP - 25 Final, 50m FR; 12 Final, 200m FR; 24 Final, 400m FR; 9 Final, 100m FL; t1 Final, 200m FL Namesnik GP - 6 Final, 50m FR; 6 Final, 200m FR; 5 Final, 400m FR; 4 Final, 100m FL; 2 Final, 200m FL MoO DiP - 5 Final, 100m FL; 2 Final, 200m FL WORLD - 12 Semi, 50m FL; 2 Final, 200m FL

2006[edit | edit source]

US OPEN - 12 Final, 50m FR; 5 Final, 100m FL; 2 Final, 200m FL PAN PAC - 6 Final, 200m FL SUM NATS - 8 Final, 100m FL; 1 Final, 200m FL NCAA - 10 Final, 100y FL; 2 Final, 200y FL

2005[edit | edit source]

SUM NATS - 11 Final, 200m FL WC TRIALS - 14 Final, 100m FL; 4 Final, 200m FL

2004[edit | edit source]

SUM NATS - 16 Final, 50m FR; 13 Final, 200m FR; 3 Final, 100m FL; 1 Final, 200m FL OLY TRIALS - 11 Final, 100m FL; 5 Final, 200m FL; 4 Final, 200m FL

2003[edit | edit source]

US OPEN - 7 Final, 100m FL; 1 Final, 200m FL SUM NATS - 10 Final, 100m FL; 18 Final, 200m FL

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