A for Athlete

Also known as Latika D. Davis-Jones


Pittsburgh Public Schools Resolution[]

RESOLVED, That the Board of Directors of the School District of Pittsburgh authorize its proper officers to enter into a contract with Dr. Latika Davis-Jones. She will serve as the evaluator for the After School Academy programs at Pittsburgh Langley K-S and Pittsburgh King K-S that are funded through a 21 st Century grant - Cohort 6A. The grant requires 5-8% of annual funds to be used for a third-party evaluator. Dr. Davis-Jones has served as the evaluator for the District's previous 21 st Century grant awards. This 21 st Century grant will fund 90 middle grades students; 60 students at Pittsburgh Langley K-S and 30 students at Pittsburgh King K-S. The Contractor will: (1) attend regularly scheduled project meetings with Board staff; (2) create survey tools for students, teachers, parents and program staff as required by the grant; (3) develop data collection strategies for survey implementation; (4) monitor data collection activities relative to grant requirements and reporting due dates; (5) report on program performance and progress towards meeting goals and objectives; (6) interpret results using statistical analyses; and (7) prepare reports for the U.S. Department of Education and the PA Department of Education in advance of the reporting deadlines. Page 4 of 19 Legislative Meeting Committee on Education August 22, 2012 The operating period shall be from September 1,2012 through December 31,2015. The cost for this action shall be at a rate of $75 per hour. The total contract amount shall not exceed $54,000 over three years or $18,000 per year from account lines 4810-26T-2813-330 ($18,000) and 4810-TBD-2813-330 ($36,000). (See companion Items #5-Acceptance of the 21 st CCLC Grant and #8-CityParks).