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Lauren Shulty

Lauren in 2013.


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A-B-C terms:[]

  • Active, verb. Energetic. Exercising. Water polo is active.
  • Ball, noun. Sphere. Sphere object. The water polo ball is grippy.
  • Communicate, verb. Talking. Jestures. The team huddled to communicate.
  • Intercepted, verb. To take. Block. The girl intercepted the goal.
  • Lean, verb. Bend over. Bend. You have to lean over to dive in.
  • Rest, verb. Time out. To take a break. The girl to a time out to rest.
  • Tread, verb. Staying. Stay above water. You have to tread water in water polo.
    • Treading stick figure

      Treading stick-figure illustration by Lauren Shuty.

  • Vibrate, verb. Movement. Pushing around. The water vibrates when people play in the water.

Reflections from 2014 Swim & Water Polo Camp[]

  • Today we exercised. We did squats, crunches and so much more! We know it is good for us. It was tiring but fun. It will help us with swimming, diving and water polo. I am doing the Liberty Mile again. I can't wait for new shoes. I already know this will be fun. That is what we did. (7/14/2014)
  • Today we went swimming at Moore Pool. It was fun. We went diving, went on the slide and just had a blast! We did races and breath competitions. We swam back and forth. It was tiring but worth it. It made our muscles work our bodies. That is what we did today. (7/15/2014)
  • Today we went to Moore to play water polo. It was fun. It was challenging. We worked together as a team. Some got injured but after all they were okay. The teams did great. We got a lot of goals. After that we had free time. I dove in a lot of times. We went on the slide too. we swam a lot and I was really tired. But my muscles will get stronger and stronger. That is if I did choose to get stronger and taller. I want to be healthy and fit. Water polo is a unique sport. It is like soccer but in the water and you use your hands with a ball. That is what I did today. (7/16/2014)
  • Today we went swimming at Moore Pool. It was fun. The water was cold but then fine. We did exercising before we went swimming. We rand and did sit-ups. Then we went intothe pool. It was like a free swim. I dove in a lot. We were doing hand stands and went on the slide. I passed my deep test so I can swim in the deep. My friends also passed. We did plays and talked under water. We did races and games. We had a lot of fun!! We also played Squim. you use a disk that glides against the water. Also, we played water polo. The teams worked very well together as a team. That is what I did today at water polo class. (7/18/2014)
  • Today we ran. We went to a park and ran. It was very hot. People got lots of drinks. We ran 1/2 a mile. We were tired. We went everywhere when running. Then after that we did soccer and on-the-land water polo. Soccer was hard. We lost 5 to 2. Then we were trying to make field goals with a soccer ball. Now that was difficult. Tomorrow Group C (also know as Rocky Mountain) is going to Moore Pool. We are working our bodies to be healthy. That is what we did. (7/21/2014)
  • Today we got to have free swim at Moore Pool. We were swimming a lot. We went on the slide a lot. We dove in a lot too. We played games and had so much fun. My friend and I did handstands in the water. It was fun to just play and have fun. We played "jump high five" and we played tag. We are getting strong. Swimming makes your muscles strong. Tomorrow we are going to Moore again. We also played water polo and skwim. Skwim is with a soft, floaty, gliding disk. Water polo is with a hard, grippy, round ball. Skwim and water polo are both fun games. I am excited on what we are going to do tomorrow. That is what we did today at Moore Pool. (7/22/2014)
  • Today we focused on running. It was raining and wet. Today we met a professinoal runner. Her name was Heather Kampf. She helped us train for the Liberty Mile. It was wet and I was tired. But it will make us strong and healthy. That is what we did today in Swim & Water Polo Camp. (7/29/2014)

Lauren and Isis in a Tree

Getting a lift.

Ireland and lauren stretch before the race!

Stretching before the Liberty Mile.

Lauren artists1

Lauren works on the "L" for "Learn."

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