A for Athlete



Laureus passionately believes in sport's ability to help change the world for the better.

And by supporting Laureus, you can be sure that you are helping a charity that really can make a difference to people's lives through sport.

This is because the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation is able to support sports-based projects in a range of valuable ways. From the funding of equipment and other costs of running a programme to offering training opportunities to the next generation of young leaders, the Foundation is uniquely placed to help bring sport to young people around the world.

The active involvement of our Laureus Academy Members also means we can inspire long-term change. Change in the way governments and other organisations perceive sport and its ability to address social issues. Change in the way kids lead their lives both on and off the pitch.

But it isn’t enough for Laureus to make only short-term changes. The real goal is to see changes being made, and for them to keep being made, well into the future. This is why the support you can give won't just help today, but will go on helping well into tomorrow.