Background[edit | edit source]

  • Plays Underwater Hockey with Pittsburgh's Underwater Hockey squad.
  • On the Women's Elite Team in the Mid or Forward positions.
  • Leah, Underwater Hockey Player

Insights[edit | edit source]

  • Grew up in Frankenmuth, MI, now living in Wheeling, WV.
    * Started playing UWH in August of 2012. 
  • Occupation: Aquatic Ecologist with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    * Education: B.S. in Program in the Environment from the University of Michigan
    * Favorite Food: Avocado
    * Superpower: Finding Waldo? 
    * Other Accomplishments: Returned Coastal Resource Management Peace Corps Volunteer (Philippines), former pipe organist and pianist, Settlers of Catan rockstar * Facebook page: Leah Ettema.
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