Background[edit | edit source]

Career Highlights:[edit | edit source]

Finished third in the 800m free at the 2007 Conoco Phillips National Championships ... competed in the 2007 World Championships ... Won five medals (two of them gold) as a member of the 2006 National Junior Team at the 2006 Victorian State Championships in Melbourne ... captured individual gold in the 800m free, silver in the 400m free and bronze in the 1500m free and 200m fly; also won gold as a member of the 800m free relay ... competed in six individual events and three relays at the 2006 FINA World Youth Championships, earning bronze medals in the 200m and 400m freestyles

United States (also known as USA) Flag of the United States.svg Nationals[edit | edit source]

2007: 11th, 200 FR; 11th, 200 FL; 13th, 200m IM; 8th, 400m FR; 3rd, 800m FR ... Open Water National Championships: 6th, 10K

2007 World Rankings:[edit | edit source]

88th, 200m free; 35th, 400m free; 32nd, 800m free; 89th, 200m fly; 74th, 200m IM; 52nd, 400m IM

2006 World Rankings:[edit | edit source]

38th, 400m free; 26th, 800m free; 70th, 400m IM

2005 World Rankings:[edit | edit source]

99th, 400m free; 64th, 800m free; 50th, 1500m free

2006 FINA Youth Champs: Bronze, 200m FR/400m FR. Competed in six individual events and three relays.

2006 Ntl Jnr Team-Victoria Champs, Melbourne: Gold, 800m FR/800m FR-R; Silver, 400m FR; Bronze, 1500m FR/200m FR

Details[edit | edit source]

National Teams: Two-time National Junior Team (2005-06)

High School: Four-time Pennsylvania State Champion

Personal:[edit | edit source]

High School: East Pennsboro High School 2008

College: University of Texas '12

Family, Village, Community[edit | edit source]

Parents: David and Tina

Sibling(s): Older brother (Chris)

Sports Played Before Swimming: Soccer, softball, basketball

Nickname(s): Leah Weah

Pet(s): Used to have a bunny

Hobbies Outside the Pool: Reading, listening to music, shopping, dancing

Ultimate Way to Relax: Taking a nap or hanging out with friends

Most Influential Person: Brother … "He is always there for me no matter what, and he always pushes me."

Training Notes[edit | edit source]

2008[edit | edit source]

Swims 8,000 yards per day, 2 • hours a day, 7 days a week More: Made 2004 U.S. Olympic Team Trials cut in the 800m free … helps coach the mini swim team at a country club in the summer

Favorites: Music: rap, country, rock ... movie: A Walk to Remember ... tv: Gossip Girl

Top Times[edit | edit source]

Event Best Year 100m FR 58.64 Jul 06 200m FR 2:01.16 Jul 07 400m FR 4:11.77 Jul 07 800m FR 8:36.97 Jul 07 100m FL 1:03.24 Jun 08 200m FL 2:13.35 Jul 07 200m IM 2:16.88 Jul 07 400m IM 4:47.01 Jul 07

2008[edit | edit source]

Swimvitational - 14 Final, 400m FR; 6 Final, 800m FR; 7 Final, 200m FL; 12 Final, 400m IM; 13 Final, 400m FR-R

-t1 Final, 500y FR; t1 Final, 1650y FR; t1 Final, 200y FL; t1 

Final, 400y IM; 5 Final, 200y FR-R; 2 Final, 400y FR-R; 2 Final, 800y FR-R; 4 Final, 200y MED-R; 5 Final, 400y MED-R

2007[edit | edit source]

SCY NATS - 15 Final, 400y IM SUM NATS - 11 Final, 200m FR; 8 Final, 400m FR; 3 Final, 800m FR; 11 Final, 200m FL; 13 Final, 200m IM; 8 Final, 400m IM

2006[edit | edit source]

US OPEN - 14 Final, 400m FR; 10 Final, 800m FR; 16 Final, 200m FL SUM NATS - 17 Final, 400m FR; 4 Final, 800m FR; 17 Final, 400m IM

2005[edit | edit source]

US OPEN - 8 Final, 200m FR; 9 Final, 400m FR; 4 Final, 800m FR; 8 Final, 200m FL SUM NATS - 11 Final, 400m FR; 13 Final, 800m FR; 8 Final, 1500m FR

2004[edit | edit source]

US OPEN - 14 Final, 200m FR; 12 Final, 400m FR; 8 Final, 800m FR

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