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  • Renovating an existing facility and building a new, lighting plays a major role.
  • High-end lighting has trickled down to the college, high school and municipal levels.
  • LEDs, or LED Lighting, provide a high quality of light that uniformly illuminates the playing field with minimal glare, hot spots or unintended shadows. This helps maximize player performance and provides the best stage to view an event. Plus, LED lights consume 70 percent less energy, which means not only cost savings, but extended programming when it would have previously been too expensive to host.
  • The financial investment required to install new lighting or retrofit an existing solution to LED is the primary concern. As with any building or renovation project, make sure you're taking advantage of budget-saving resources and grants, and understand the long-term cost and savings. It might be prudent to reallocate funds for maintenance of traditional lighting systems for the installation of a maintenance-free LED system.
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