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Cost, $1,195.00 as of November 2009


The Little Leaper is an affordable less industrial version of the famous Leaper that transformed basketball to its present high flying form. Our “Little Leaper Package” includes our Super II isokinetic machine with LCD readouts, a 10” handle, Stirrup handle, wall bracket, instruction book (this is standard equipment with Super II). We also add 4 additional items to make the Little Leaper package; an 18” bar, Leaper pads, strapped basketball (or football, baseball, tennis racquet, or baseball bat) and a foot strap. Our discounted “Little Leaper” package is $1195.00 with a 5 year warranty and unlimited technical support. Our $45 DVD included. ISOKINETICS are the best way to develop speed because the resistance accommodates to your own force and give you a motivating readout while the speed remains constantly fast! You adjust the speed to what you will need. Because your body varies in strength (you’re less strong when squating all the way down and seven times stronger toward the top of your jump) no other machine can help you jump to your peak. Our isokinetics adjust each centimeter to provide maximum improvement. Now, for a pice one forth of the Leaper, you can increase your vertical jump as much 10-12 inches in weeks! And you can do the same for your core and upper body muscles too by putting the Digital Minigym on the included wall bracket. You will not believe your transformation in power performance, and confidence or that of your whole team.

Dozens of Accessories can be added now or later.

For coaches:[]

Isokinetic exercise radically transformed the games of basketball and volleyball, track and field, etc. We invented the Leaper, which was used in almost every top basketball program in the country before the Minigym company went into other areas for design and production. Now the Leaper is back with digital electronics and a five year warranty. If you want a commercial Leaper it’s $4,500 and it works great if what you want is improvements in vertical jump, quickness, speed and power. If you don’t need a fully commercial machine, we’ve made the Little Leaper for you and offer this perfect special for just 1195 including shipping! For a limited time you will also get a DVD showing hundreds of exercises that will make your athletes faster and more powerful than their competitors who exclusively use weights and general exercises. From core swings to toe raises; from triceps pushes to cleans and presses, from fingers to toes, this machine transforms your athletes in the most motivating way possible. Every repetition is full resistance adapting to fatigue and giving them a reason to keep going harder and faster, getting stronger and more efficient. It’s just amazing what can be done in less than thirty minutes on a circuit of isokinetic exercise. We are experts at rehabilitation too, so injured athletes get back on the court and field or track faster than with any other method. In fact insurance companies think so much of our machines they pay therapists double to compensate them for the work. You can’t make a better investment and al our products come with a five-year warranty and unlimited technical support from real coaches, doctors and trainers. Order before the price goes up and get your athletes stronger and faster. To be fast you have to train fast and we offer the only way to do that safely and specifically. Call 800.999.0824 and ask for Steve Friederang.

For Home Use:[]

Our heavy duty Super II can closely simulate Leaper training by adding our Leaper Pads. This is not an exerciser for hundreds of professional athletes daily as the Leaper is, but the Little Leaper provides more versatility for both wall and floor exercises. This exerciser provides automatic resistance that is always in direct proportion to the athlete’s effort exerted through the full range of motion (as with the Leaper) and with every fatiguing rep. Only with isokinetic resistance can you perform 30 reps in 30 seconds, and receive hundreds of pounds (newtons) of resistance in the last 2-3 inches of the squat exercise at fast speeds, safely. This develops your white quick twitch muscle fibers resulting in vast increase in vertical jumping. Jump quicker, run faster, and gain muscular endurance for all sports motions safely with every repetition at maximum resistance. (This not possible with weights alone.)

Personal Trainers:[]

Our Large Leaper is virtually impossible to replace for developing true power in the lower extremities and core in professional team or school weight rooms, but we have duplicated it for home training with our “Little Leaper” program. The Large Leaper, which itself weighs in at 500 pounds, is a bit expensive and a bit large for some personal trainer applications. This “Little Leaper” is perfect for many athlete’s needs to jump higher and run faster and the resistance accommodates so you don’t have to worry about injury, soreness, or adjusting the weight for each inch of movement. It really is impossible to duplicate isokinetic advantages with random and often dangerous plyometric exercises or tubing. Our “Little Leaper” is not designed to train 100 athletes a day, but it does have a place for personal training applications. It’s comparatively light (42 pounds) and is easily carried and moved from floor to wall, etc. Also, we have a number of trainers that have their student athlete’s purchase their own “Little Leaper” so they travel to athletes homes and do the specified training. Ideal for school coaches to add to their income with this home training. There is no substitute for the extensive leg work that can be developed with our fast speed program as many athletes improve their vertical jump as much as 10-12” in matter of weeks. Simple to set up, and with out a doubt the best method of building power, us the Little Leaper to position yourself as the best and most effective trainer for any client interested in success.