A for Athlete



Magee foul-pole-on fence

Foul pole

Magee Greenfield sign on bleachers
Magee runoff decay

Rain water run off comes off the field and can erode the area around the wall.

Magee swim pool empty

Swim pool at Magee, closed for the winter.

Parking sign Magee Private Lot

Parking isn't good at Magee, if you go into a private lot. Park on the street for free.

Magee water fountain

Water fountain.

Steps decay Magee

Stairway to heaven.

Private-lot Magee-sign

Parking encouragement.

Water-fountain at Magee

Water fountain.

Magee foulpole 285 fence

Foul pole down the right field line is painted on the fence.

Magee foul pole

Foul pole down the left field line.

Magee fields w lines'
Magee dugout-visitors Obama

Visitor's dugout

Magee Basketball courts

Basketball courts are in great condition in fall of 2010.

Magee baseball field PPS-mid sch game
Magee-2 fields

Two diamonds, back to back, in Magee in Greenfield.

Baseball and soccer too Magee

Filed has use for baseball and football.