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Heather and Mark after LibertyMile13

Heather and Coach Mark Rauterkus of Swim & Water Polo Camp after the Liberty Mile in August 2013.

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Red Cross WSI certificate for Mark Rauterkus good for 2 years and renewal on May, 2018.

2019Mark Rauterkus Red-Cross-Lifeguard-certs

Valid in March 2019

NFHS CertificatesEdit

File:Coach-certificate-concussion NFHS.pdf

CDC Course on ConcussionsEdit

From November 2017

Mark Rauterkus concussion-CDC-certificate

Certificate for Mandatory Reporting for Child AbuseEdit

Certificate Mandated Recognize Report Child Abuse 4 Mark Rauterkus

Certificate of Completion for Mark Rauterkus

Sport Safety International CertificatesEdit

Certificate after taking the sudden cardiac arrest online course.

Sudden Cardiac Course certificate-Mark Rauterkus

Course certificate for Mark Rauterkus, Nov 28, 2016, Certificate # CAW--42801.



  • 2018 Fingerprint record: IdentoGO, UE ID: UZSV-2BRV53 from 04/30/2018.
    • Code for BGC: 1KG656
  • Fingerprint receipt record:

    Fingerprint record from 2015 for Mark Rauterkus

  • File:RAUTERKUS,MARK-90673543.pdf Background check from July 2016 by Sterling for USA Swimming. Request ID: 25326686
  • Rauterkus PA-record-cjheck1

File:Clearances Rauterkus15.pdf

USA Swimming Coach Membership ProcessEdit


USA-S Athlete protection-training-2018

Safe Sport is done.

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Rauterkus (talk) 14:41, June 19, 2015 (UTC)

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OU-Post article Mark Rauterkus

From Ohio University Post, winter 1982

OU-Post photo Medvid-Rauterkus

Coach with swimmer, Dan Medvid.

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Rauterkus (talk) 14:40, June 19, 2015 (UTC)

Liberty MileEdit

  • Raced in 2015, bib #2112.

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Mark and Sead PIAA2015

Coach at the PIAA Swim Championships with a star, freshman swimmer in 2015.

Day1 Coach Mark at UPREP

Day one of Summer Dreamers with Swim & Water Polo Camp in 2013.

Blackman 20100306 1000

Mark Rauterkus and Erik Rauterkus, holding the team trophy for boys swimming after the 2010 City Championship Meet at Pitt.

Rauterkus family-09

Family in fall of 2009

Phillips Swim Team-07

Phillips Swim Team, coached by Mark Rauterkus, top row, right side.

Blackman 20100114 9900

Coaching and offering encouragement at a home swim meet at Schenley High School.

WH and PPS waterpolo fall 2010

Coach Mark Rauterkus helped to start water polo at Woodland Hills High School in the fall of 2010 with a couple of clinics with city and WH students, teachers and coaches.

Catherine Palmer Mark Rauterkus 2015

Catherine and Mark in Heinz Field event in fall, 2015.



Mark Rauterkus to PPS to in August 2013

Mark Rauterkus to PPS to in August 2013

Mark Rauterkus speaks to PPS Board in August 2013. The key to Pittsburgh's future is learning how to play well with others.

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