Application for work at The Pittsburgh Project had four essay questions[edit | edit source]

from May, 2018. Five to eight sentences should be an approximate range for each answer.

1. What compels you to apply for a summer position with The Pittsburgh Project? What experiences have prepared you for the position, which you have applied?[edit | edit source]

I am driven to work at The Pittsburgh Project in 2018, again, and to grow in duties and responsibilities to have a bigger leadership role at the swimming pool because of opportunities we can provide to the kids. The children, as well as the adults, to a lesser degree, need safe, supportive, engaging activities to learn about themselves and the world. They need to have areas where playing well with others is taught and practiced. The kids need to understand fitness. And, at the pool, we can provide the best settings for fitness and sports and self-discovery.

2. Tell us about your faith journey and your relationship with God. What is one Bible passage that is significant to you, and why?[edit | edit source]

I am of a Catholic family. I went to St. Fidelis Seminary for 9th and 10th grade. Then to public school. Then for graduate school, I had the pleasure of attending Baylor University, a Southern Baptist institution of higher education. That had a big impact on my teaching too. Dr. Couey's book, Building our Temple, makes the point that we've got to be strong as a person, physically, as we go forth with energy and efforts in our service to others. Passage: Blessed are the peace keepers! Keeping peace isn't so easy.

3. Tell us about your experience building authentic relationships with those of other racial or ethnic groups.[edit | edit source]

I've been a teacher in the urban setting for many, many years. It is about respect for me. Respect of the water. Respect of the efforts. Respect of the individuals. We are not born – regardless of the color of one's skin – able to swim. We must learn. And, sadly, we have the facts that too many die due to the unexpected death of drowning. Kids of color, especially boys, are a high-risk group. Too few know how to swim well. We can change that in our river town with plenty of use of our swim pools.

4. Please describe your experiences in working with youth.[edit | edit source]

I've been a coach since 1976. I'm young at heart, but with a serious sense of duty and responsibility as well. Kids and I get along because I lead in goofy ways and ask and challenge in steps that allow for growth and are not discounting the kids who don't get it right away.

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