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Dear International Friends,

You are invited to join our project, Olympicpedia.

We are interested in a cultural exchange to learn and publish information about your country, its sports, teams, athletes, coaches and languages.

These wiki pages are very similar to Wikipedia. However, our pages are about sports and they include both localized terms and the inclusion of everyday mentions.

In August 2008, we'll have the pleasure of going to the Olympics in Beijing.

Our efforts aim to tell the world about all the Olympic sports with multi-lingual terms. We'd love to get your input on sports in the Olympics. Your country's insights are welcome too. Also, this might give you good cause to contact your Olympic and sports people and get their involvement as well as families in D.C./USA and even international schools and homeland teachers.

For more information contact my dad, Mark@Rauterkus.com.

Thanks for helping us Create Literate Olympians Here.

Erik Rauterkus