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  • Marta Bastianelli blames carelessness for dope test in July 2008
  • World road cycling champion
  • 21 in 2008
  • Not going to 2008 Olympics after testing positive for flenfluramine, which is used in diet products.
  • wikipedia:Marta Bastianelli from Italy (also known as ITA) Flag of Italy


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  • Marta Bastianelli said her positive dope test was the result of carelessness when trying to slim and was not an attempt to cheat.


“I got a product from the pharmacy. I wanted to lose some weight. It was not a banned substance, it was a simple, herbal product but unfortunately now we have discovered the truth. In one of the products there was a little molecule,” she told Sky TG24 television.

“There was a little bit of carelessness. I hope I can come out of this clean and demonstrate it. Even for aspirins I used to consult the doctor. I will watch everything I eat and drink.”

“I am sorry. I hope the investigation brings out the truth. I want to show everyone this is not technical doping.”


The Italian cycling federation reported that Bastianelli had tested positive on July 5, 2008, at the European under-23 championship in Verbania, Italy.

Cycling, especially in Italy, has been rocked by a number of doping scandals in recent years but Bastianelli said she was desperate to prove her case was different.