A for Athlete


  • Olympic swimmer in 1976, backstroker
  • Swim coach in Arizona in 2008


The Morning Swim Show: Olympian Maryanne Graham-Keever Talks About 1976 Games and Lessons Learned From Coaches

A look into the effect the Template:East German system of systematic drug doping had on the 1976 USA women's Olympic team with Monday's Ready Room interview with 1976 Olympian Maryanne Graham-Keever.

Maryanne Graham-Keever, a coach for the Scottsdale Aquatics Club, in 2008, talks about her debut on the world stage in 1972, where, after only two years of swimming, she attended the Olympic Trials. She made the world rankings in 1973 in the backstroke and attended the world championships in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, where she and the rest of the world got their first glimpse of the East German women.