A for Athlete


  • Swimmer at University of Texas
  • in 2008 = 22 DOB: Jul 29, 1985
  • 6' 1" (185.4 cm)
  • Hometown = Minot, N.D.
  • in 2008 resides in Austin, Tex.
  • former resident of Minot, N.D.
  • Coach = Randy Reese / Eddie Reese / Kris Kubik

Career Highlights:

Silver medalist in the 400m medley relay at the 2007 World University Games ... Won his first two U.S. National titles at the 2005 ConocoPhillips Summer Nationals, claiming the top spot in the 100m and 200m breast

Pan Pacs:

2006: 15, 100m BR; 19, 50m FR

World University Games:

2007: Silver, 400m MR-R; 14th, 100m BR; 20, 50m BR

NCAA NCAA logo.png Championships

2007 (Jr): 2nd, 400y MR; 5th, 200y FR-R; 9th, 200y BR; 18th, 100y BR

NCAA NCAA logo.png Championships

2008 (Sr.): 5th, 400y MR; 6th, 200y FR-R; 9th, 100y BR; 11th, 200y MR; 13th, 200y BR

2007 World Rankings:

65th, 50m breast; 85th, 100m breast

2006 World Rankings:

33rd, 50m BR; 15th, 100m BR; 99th, 200m BR

2005 World Rankings:

25th, 100m breast; 27th, 200m breast

United States (also known as USA) Flag of the United States.svg Swim Titles

100m Breast (1): ’05 SUM 200m Breast (1): ’05 SUM


National Teams: 2006 National B Team Collegiate: Seven-time All-American High School: Seven-time North Dakota Individual State Champion ... nine-time National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association All-American ... six-time team state champion (199904) ... four-time MVP ... six-time North Dakota All-State selection


High School: Minot HS ’04 College: Texas ’09 College Major: Kinesiology

Ambitions, Aspirations, Goals, Dreams


Family, Village, Community

Parents: Tom and Cheryl ... Tom is a print shop owner and Cheryl is a dental hygenist ... Tom played football (1969) and wrestled (1969-73) at North Dakota State Sibling(s): Has three sisters ... Jennifer swam for Arizona State (1998-02) ... Katie swam for Northern Arizona (2000-04) ... Lindsey attended Hawaii Started Swimming: Age 5 ... My parents said that I couldn't handle just sitting in the stands, watching my sisters. I had to be in the water competing against all the other kids, even though I had to swim in the 8-U division." Sports Played Before Swimming: Baseball, football, track, soccer, golf, wrestling Pet(s): Has one dog (Jager) since he was 10 ... "Tom Jager was an idol of mine so I thought it was a good name. I later became good friends with Tom, and he always checks to make sure I'm taking care of Jager (the dog)." Hobbies Outside the Pool: Hunting, golf, rock climbing, traveling, hiking Ultimate Way to Relax: Laying in bed and watching a movie Most Influential Person: Tiger Woods ... "He gets the job done when the pressure is on."

Training Notes


Swims 6000 meters/yards per day, 3 hours a day, 6 days a week More: When he was little, wanted to be a pro football player ... comes from a state (North Dakota) more known for producing blizzards and hockey players than swimmers Favorites: U.S. city: Austin, Texas ... int'l destination: Sydney ... band: Counting Crows ... celebrity: Tiger Woods, because "I hear he's pretty good at golf." ... music: Counting Crows, Matt Wertz, Dave Barnes ... movies: The Departed, Blood Diamonds ... tv: ESPN, Lost, Deal or No Deal

International Medals

2007 World University Games 2007: Silver, 400m MED-R

Top Times

Event Best Year 50m FR 23.10 Jun 08 100m FR 50.59 Jun 08 100m BR 1:01.12 Aug 06 200m BR 2:14.40 Aug 05


NCAA - 9 Final, 100y BR; 13 Final, 200y BR; t6 Final, 200y FR-R; t6 Final, 200y FR-R; t6 Final, 200y FR-R; t6 Final, 200y FR-R; t11 Final, 200y MED-R; t11 Final, 200y MED-R; t5 Final, 400y MED-R; t5 Final, 400y MED-R; t5 Final, 400y MED-R; t5 Final, 400y MED-R 2007 WUGS - 14 Final, 100m BR; 2 Final, 400m MED-R SCSC GP - 24 Final, 50m FR; 17 Final, 100m BR 2006 SUM NATS - 3 Final, 100m BR NCAA - 6 Final, 100y BR; 4 Final, 200y BR 2005 SUM NATS - 1 Final, 100m BR; 1 Final, 200m BR 2004 OLY TRIALS - 11 Final, 100m BR; 14 Final, 200m BR


US OPEN - 14 Final, 100m BR SUM NATS - 9 Final, 100m BR; 10 Final, 200m BR SPG NATS - 16 Final, 100m BR; 14 Final, 200m BR


US Open - 4 Final, 100m BR; 9 Final, 200m BR