A for Athlete

Megan Jendrick


  • Swims in 2008 for King Aquatic Club (KING-WA) and United States (also known as USA) Flag of the United States Olympic Team in 2008
  • in 2008 = 24: DOB: Jan 15, 1984
  • 5' 7" (170.2 cm)
  • Hometown = Tacoma, Wash. United States (also known as USA) Flag of the United States
  • in 2008 resides in Tacoma, Wash.
  • former resident of Tacoma, Wash
  • Coach = Sean Hutchison
  • Wikipedia:Megan Jendrick
  • USA Swimming's media guide provided some source materials.
  • Twitter: @mjswims http://twitter.com/mjswims
  • Olympic gold medalist, 2000 and 2008 Olympic swimmer and author of Get Wet, Get Fit: The Complete Guide to Getting a Swimmer's Body
  • http://www.megan-jendrick.com/

Career Highlights:[]

2000 Olympic gold medalist in the 100m breast and 400m medley relay ... narrowly missed a spot on the 2004 Olympic Team, finishing third in the 100m breast at Olympic Trials ... won three gold medals at the 2005 World University Games (50m and 100m breast, 400m medley relay) ... former American record holder in the 50m and 100m breast ... owns 10 U.S. national titles


2000: Gold, 100m BR & 400m MR(WR)

World Championships[]

2007: Silver(t), 200m BR ... 2001: Silver, 400m MR-R

2006 World Rankings:[]

5th, 100m breast; 18th, 200m breast

2005 World Rankings:[]

8th, 100m breast; 15th, 200m breast


Holds USO in 50m BR, set at 2006 PN Pacific Rim Classic

United States (also known as USA) Flag of the United States Swim Titles[]

100m Breast (9): '06 SUM, '03 SUM, '02 SPG, '01 SUM, '00 SUM, '00 SPG, '99 SUM, '99 SPG, '98 SPG 200m Breast (1): ’02 SPG


General Accolades: Youngest medalist on 2000 U.S. Olympic swim team International: Her breast relay split as part of world record-breaking 400m medley relay at 2000 Olympics was fastest in history until July ====2003==== National Teams: Nine-time National A Team (1997, 99-06) … 1998 National B Team All-Star Team: Four-time (1999-00, 02, 06) Meet Honors: 2000 U.S. Open and 1998 Spring Nationals Phillips Performance Award (100m breast)


High School: Emerald Ridge HS '02 College: Pacific Lutheran University ’08 Job Outside of Swimming: Swim coach

Family, Village, Community[]

Parents: Tom and Erin Quann … father is an engineer, and mother is a massage therapist Spouse: Married Nathan Jendrick on Dec 18, 2004 ... he is a writer Sibling(s): Older brother (Michael) attended University of Washington … younger sister (Laura) Notable Relative(s): Grandfather (Mel Walk) made the 1940 Olympic team as a high jumper but went to war instead Sports Played Before Swimming: Water polo, basketball, soccer, volleyball and hockey, all before the age of 12 … when her swimming began to improve around the age of 13, she was hooked and focused on it solely Pet(s): Two dogs (Jetta and Chewbacca) ... Jetta is a Jack Russell / Lab mix, and Chewbacca is a mini-pinscher Hobbies Outside the Pool: Hiking, camping, motorcycle riding Ultimate Way to Relax: On a beach Most Influential Person: “There were a lot of people who have been a huge part of my dreams and my successes in swimming. Seeing Amanda Beard at the Olympics at only 14 was just amazing… I told my parents right when I saw her march out to the blocks – at the time I was 12 – that I would be in the 2000 Olympics. If she could do it, so could I. There are a lot of athletes these days who I’m just in awe of. Lance Armstrong and Erin Popvich, among others, because they’ve overcome so much and have been so great." Charities: American Lung Association and Junior Achievement Sponsor(s): Speedo

Training Notes[]


Swims 8,000 meters/yards per day, 3 hours a day, 7 days a week Injuries: Broke right arm and had 300 stitches More: Competed at the 2000 Olympics as Megan Quann, her maiden name … gave up future college eligibility after 2000 Olympic Games … went from Junior to Senior qualifying after just five months of training at age 13


Two-time Olympian (2000, 2008) Two Olympic medals (2g) Two World medals (2s)

International Medals[]

2007 World Championships 2007: Silver, 200m BR 2006 Pan Pacific Champs 2006: Silver, 100m BR 2000 Olympic Games 2000: Gold, 100m BR

Top Times[]

Event 50m BR 100m BR 200m BR Best 30.88 1:07.05 2:25.36 Year Aug 05 Aug 00 Apr 08


Swimvitational - 1 Final, 100m BR; 4 Final, 200m BR 08 SCSC GP - t4 Final, 100m BR; 7 Final, 200m BR


SUM NATS - 2 Final, 100m BR; 3 Final, 200m BR; 6 Final, 400m FR-R; 9 Final, 800m FR-R; 1 Final, 400m MED-R SCSC GP - 4 Final, 100m BR; 7 Final, 200m BR; 7 Final, 400m FR-R MoO DiP - 6 Final, 100m BR WORLD - 4 Semi, 200m BR; t2 Final, 200m BR


US OPEN - 1 Final, 100m BR; 3 Final, 200m BR PAN PAC - 2 Final, 100m BR; 4 Final, 200m BR SUM NATS - 1 Final, 100m BR; 2 Final, 200m BR SPG CHAMPS - 1 Final, 100m BR; 1 Final, 200m BR; 11 Final, 200m IM


US OPEN - 2 Final, 100m BR; 1 Final, 200m BR SUM NATS - 2 Final, 100m BR; 3 Final, 200m BR WC TRIALS - 3 Final, 100m BR; 4 Final, 200m BR 2004 OLY TRIALS - 3 Final, 100m BR; 6 Final, 200m BR 2003 US OPEN - 1 Final, 100m BR; 4 Final, 200m BR SUM NATS - 1 Final, 100m BR; 4 Final, 200m BR; 20 Final, 200m IM SPG NATS - 4 Final, 100m BR; 5 Final, 200m BR; t12 Final, 200m IM 2002 SUM NATS - 2 Final, 100m BR; 4 Final, 200m BR SPG NATS - 1 Final, 100m BR; 1 Final, 200m BR; 3 Final, 200m IM 2000 OLY - 1 Final, 100m BR