A for Athlete


  • Age 9 and posted
  • I love the program because i like our exercises.I also like when we play water polo.I also love when we get done early and get to free swim.We also get to play skwim.In water polo you have to catch the ball with one hand.In skwim you have to slide the the smooth yellow frisbee on the water.that is why I love water polo and skwim.
  • I like water polo because skwim and our exercises. I also like when we play against each other, red verses blue. We also learned some new exercises.
  • Week 3 update from Mia
    • This week was the best week ever because we did new fun exercises. The best exercise was the treading exercise. When we learned how to tread, it was so exciting and fun. I also learned how to swim in the deep. On Friday, July 14, we learned how to play ULTIMATE SKWIM. This is how fun it was this week.


Mia 17




SDA17 - Swim & Water Polo - Mia