A for Athlete


  • Gymansitcs star from United States (also known as USA) Flag of the United States leading into 2008 Olympics
  • Brother to Paul Hamm


Morgan Hamm is coming back from the second serious injury of his career.

Morgan Hamm tore a muscle in his chest in October 2007, but he showed in May 2008 that he can still contribute to the U.S. team. Morgan Hamm placed in the top 10 in all four events he did and posted the highest score on vault, in addition to tying his brother, Paul Hamm for the top spot on floor. The U.S. championships finals are Saturday night.

"It's encouraging to see that, I was happy with his performance the other day," Paul Hamm said. "If anybody shows that a comeback is possible, he shows that. I'm sure he can inspire me to make my comeback, also."