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Insist on mother-tongue schooling - AfriForum[]

2010-12-28 21:38

Cape Town, December 2010 - Parents should insist in the coming school year that their children be educated in their mother tongue, civil rights group AfriForum said in Decembert 2010.

It said parents should also exert more pressure on government to provide mother-tongue education where it was not yet available.

AfriForum chief executive Kallie Kriel said in a statement that matric results confirmed year after year that pupils who enjoyed mother-tongue education performed better than those educated in a second or third language.

"It has been proven time and again that learners find it easier to master new concepts and skills in their mother tongue, and that thereafter they find it easier to transfer these skills to a second language such as English," he said.

Mother tongue should be continued for as long as possible, even to a postgraduate level.

"Without it, a career in a growing number of fields can no longer be attained," he said.

Once the theory had been mastered, students had no problem switching to English.

"Parents who are considering their children's future careers and incomes have to insist that their children are educated in their mother tongue," Kriel said.