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Murray Newton Rothbard was (1926-1995) an American economist and libertarian. Rothbard laid the ground for modern anarcho-capitalism, and wrote twenty-five books, many of which are available from the Ludwig von Mises Institute, both in PDF and paper format.

  • Man, Economy & State [1]
  • Ethics of Liberty [2]
  • For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto [3]

A more extensive biography of Murray N. Rothbard is available at the Ludwig Von Mises Institute.

Famous Quotations

"It is easy to be conspicuously 'compassionate' if others are being forced to pay the cost."

"It is in war that the State really comes into its own: swelling in power, in number, in pride, in absolute dominion over the economy and the society.”

“All government wars are unjust.”

“There is one good thing about Marx: he was not a Keynesian.”

"Bad and discredited ideas, it seems, never die. Neither do they fade away. Instead, they keep turning up, like bad pennies or Godzilla in the old Japanese movies."

"It is no crime to be ignorant of economics, which is, after all, a specialized discipline and one that most people consider to be a 'dismal science.' But it is totally irresponsible to have a loud and vociferous opinion on economic subjects while remaining in this state of ignorance."

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