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  • I I LIKE SUMMER DREAMERS because I get to swim and get to have a good and nice Coach and nice good team. That's what I like about Summer Dreamers and Swim & Water Polo Camp.
  • What I learned at Summer Dreamers is we did exercising to get strong. We have free time and we do back floating. We did a little of Water Polo. When we go swim, they let us go to the deep end. And, I like shooting goals in ULTIMATE SKWIM. (Week 3 update)

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Freestyle[edit | edit source]


SDA17 - Swim & Water Polo - Nahayo

Nahayo swims freestyle


SDA17 - Swim & Water Polo - Go fast. Swim freestyle race

Winning a swim race


SDA17 - Swim & Water Polo - Nahyao


Nahayo across the deep end

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